Honeymoon to Walt Disney World – Day 0

Date: 10th August 2013

What we did: We decided to travel from our wedding venue to Gatwick airport via taxi booked through the M4 services website. The taxi picked us up at 5am which hurt a lot having gone to bed at 2am, after Mike having to carry the best man to his room! The service from the taxi was brilliant, on time, quick and even provided pillows and water.

The flight left at 1pm on time with Virgin Atlantic. I then proceeded to sleep for the majority of the 8 hour flight, while Mike worked his way through the inflight movie collection. We arrived at MCO at 17.05pm local time. As the plane was landing the pilot told us not to hang around on our way to immigration as another Virgin Atlantic plane was landing from Manchester. Even with this advice, the queue for passport control was still over 1 hour. Then on to the Magical Express, following instruction from a Disney cast member ‘follow the Mickeys!’

Check in was easy for our one night stay at our All Star Sports resort, before being collected for our Disney Cruise the following morning. We were given luggage tags ready for a cast member to pick our cases up in the morning from our room. We were also given celebration pins as we were on honeymoon, happily ever after pins as we were newly married, 1st visit pins and also anniversary pins as the Disney cast member on the check in desk imaginatively stated we were on our 1/365 anniversary!

By this time we were struggling as we had such a busy wedding day and then straight onto honeymoon, we decided to grab a bite to eat at the pool bar and go to bed ready for our adventure to start tomorrow.

The Highs: Our wedding day was amazing, full of memories with family and friends. We were still high on life during our travel day. It was lovely to now just be the two of us.

The Lows: When we collected our baggage from the carousel at MCO we were told we were needed to put our bags onto another carousel to be collected after our short tram ride to the terminal. That seems simple. Not so much as once in the terminal we could not find where to get our bags from. After spending a long time looking for them and finding the correct carousel we then had to walk back to the other side to get the magical express. Lesson learned that next time we will be taking out luggage onto the tram.

IMG_0075 (1).jpg

Up next: Day 1 Disney Dream

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