Disney Dream – Day 1

Date: 11th August 2013

What we did: Excitement overload, today we go aboard the Disney Dream for a Bahamas Cruise. Bell service came to pick our bags up and told us that the next time we will see them would be on the cruise. We had a few hours to kill in the morning so headed to the food court in All Star Movies resort. We explored the All Star Resorts which consisted of Movies, Sports and Music. All very similar but with a different theme.

At 12pm the bus picked us up from the resort. I was so excited as the bus windows were circles just like port holes. It was around an hour drive to Port Canaveral. The drive was scenic towards the port with really long bridges over the water. Once at the port it was the exactly like being at the airport with security and check in. Check in was simple where we were able to add a credit card to the account, making it easier to pay as we could charge our room key. Once check in was complete they gave us a boarding number. Once our number was called it was time to walk through the Mickey doors.

We walked up the gangway and onto the ship. Once aboard the crew shout your family name which we found a little uncomfortable being just the two of us, “everybody welcome the Drakeford family!”. The lobby was amazing with a huge chandelier and staircases. It looked so shiny and new. We first made our way to the room to drop our day bags off. We were staying in an inside cabin which I was a little nervous about as there would be no window. However once in the room I realised I had no reason to worry. It was really cosy and pretty. Instead of a window there was a magic port hole which was like a TV as it played the view from the bridge. Every now and then a Disney character would fly across the screen. We were able to turn this off while sleeping.

We then went for lunch at Cabanas and walked around the ship until the sail away party. This was a show with the entertainment team, Captain Mickey and Pals. It was an upbeat show full of dancing and songs. It wasn’t long before the horn was sounding and we were sailing away from Florida. The horn was something I was really looking forward to as it wasn’t a normal ship’s horn sound but instead played “be our guest” from Beauty and the Beast!

After the sail away party we went to get dressed for the nightly show and food. The show tonight was the Golden Mickeys which showcased the best Disney songs and characters. It was like an awards night for Disney. The show was amazing with great costumes and set.

We then went for food in Animator’s Palate. We had chosen to eat at the second sitting which was around 8pm. We were sat with two other couples on a table for six. This was a little awkward at first,  but once we were introduced and got chatting it was actually good fun. The restaurant started off with Disney drawings in the wall which were in black and white. By the time we had finished eating the drawings were in colour.

We then decided to change into our swimming costumes to ride the Aquaduck which is a water slide that took you over the side of the boat and then back into a small pool. It was so much fun. While walking back to the room we discovered the adult only pool and decided to use the hot tubs which had a clear bottom so you could see the sea.

Tonight’s towel animal was a pig wearing my sunglasses!


The Food: Breakfast at the food court in All Star Movie Resort. I had an omelette with breakfast potatoes. A little heavy for breakfast to be honest but was nice.

Lunch at Cabanas on the Disney Dream. This is a buffet restaurant with plenty of choice from pasta, salad, meat and fish. All food was fresh and tasty. We made the huge mistake of sitting outside but soon moved back as it was so hot.

Tea was at Animator’s Palate on the Disney Dream. We started with bread service with garlic dip. This is what we ate:


Me: Black Truffle Pasta

Mike: Wild Mushroom Tart

Main Course

Me: Grilled Pacific Black Cod with Sweet Potato Mash

Mike: Marinated Angus Beef Tenderloin with Wasabi Mash with Pak Choi.


Me: Sweet temptations which was three small puddings. Walnut cake, Pineapple Financier, Lemon Mousse.

Mike: Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

The Highs: Not having to carry our suitcases from the Disney Resort to the Cruise. Our suitcases just arrived at our room once we had sailed away. This pleased us so much!

The Lows: The muster drill took so long. We were stood in the sun for what felt like days waiting for the other passengers to turn up. To make it worse the bell was going off and was so loud. I understand that they have to be done for safety and that wasn’t the problem, it just took so long.

Up next: Nassau

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