Disney’s Very Own Island – Day 3

Date: 13th August 2013

What we did: We woke up to the sounds of the ship docking at port. Today we were in Castaway Cay which is an Island owned by the Disney Company. Before getting off the ship we had breakfast in the Enchanted Garden which consisted of a buffet. We were sat in one of the booth seats which were really comfy and cool.

Today we had booked the extreme getaway package which was worth every penny. With the package we had a stingray encounter, rented bikes, snorkelled and rented tubes for the sea. We left the ship at around 8.30am as our stingray encounter was at 9am. We walked across the first beach and followed the stingray signs. The island was extremely well signposted and we found our way around easily.

The stingrays were massive and after a safety talk and placing our life vests on we were ready to feed them. The cast members gave us food that was like a jelly cube. The stingrays had been trained to associate the Mickey head as food. A mickey head was placed on a ramp, we had to place the jelly cube between two fingers and lay our hand on the Mickey head. The stingray would swim up the ramp suck the food out of your hand and swim back down, such a weird sensation. It was frightening at first as they were so big and swam so fast up and down the ramp but after a few goes it was really fun. Once they were fed we were allowed to snorkel with them for a while. We were taught the stingray shuffle, where we had to shuffle along the sand instead of stepping making sure the stingrays were safe and not stepped on. It took me a while to get used to the snorkel as I had never done it before.


Our next adventure was hiring bikes to explore the island. We had heard that there was an observation tower on the island and really wanted to see the island from a height. We rode our bikes out to the observation tower, it was a flat and easy ride. We climbed to the top of the tower which was a task in the heat but the views were worth it. We could see for miles. We could even see the ship from where we were.

We loved riding down the old runway as it was such a long and wide stretch of concrete. The island was full of small details that made exploring fun and interesting. Our bike ride was about 5k in length.

Once the bikes were given back we caught the land  train to the adult only beach which was total bliss. I have never seen the sea so blue. We rented tubes to lay in the sea as there wasn’t much of a current so we didn’t move very far. We laughed at the sign ‘these nets are for your safety and try to keep larger fish out’. As we were reading this a huge stingray went right under us! Which gave us less confidence in the netting We also chilled out on the deckchairs in the sea. It was so relaxing.

By this point we were hungry and decided to eat in the adult only barbeque. We also headed to the bar for a much sought after Konk Kooler. This was a refreshing yet strong cocktail. We had another hour on the adult only beach and then headed back to the family section.

At the family section we picked up our snorkelling equipment and life vests. We swam out as far as we could and saw such brightly coloured fish. Disney had also added a shipwreck to explore with Mickey at the wheel. We snorkelled all afternoon and got extremely tired that at one point I didn’t know if I could swim all the way back! This was a bad move from us swimming out so far. It took a while to get back and once on dry land we chilled out in hammocks under the palm trees to catch our breath. It was then time to leave this beautiful island and head back to the ship.


Once back on the ship we headed to the top deck to see the island and have a cocktail. While drinking out cocktail the horn sounded again only this time it was ‘a pirates life for me’. We decided to do the Midship Detective Agency which is an interactive game around the ship. We had to work out who had stolen a piece of art by looking for clues. We had a magic card to hold up to certain paintings around the ship to retrieve the clue. This was lots of fun and lots of walking, which we needed after the food eaten so far.

Tonight was pirate night on the ship, bandanas were delivered to everyone’s room for them to wear to dinner. It was a special pirates menu tonight which was lovely as always. The only problem was we started to shiver during food as were a lot of people around the room. We were sunburnt after snorkelling and were not feeling that well.

After food we went to the top deck to see the Pirates of the Caribbean show. This was great it was full of adventure and very fast paced. It even had Captain Jack Sparrow jump down from the top of the ship. It was all finished off by fireworks. By this point we were barley able to keep our eyes open and decided to go to bed after lots of after sun lotion.

The towel animal was a monkey with gold coins for the eyes.


The Food and Drink: Breakfast at Enchanted Garden. We had pastries and omelettes.

Lunch at the barbeque on Castaway Cay. The food here was amazing and so fresh in particular the mahi mahi. The barbeque was help yourself and had a selection of salad, meats, fish, bread, fruits, cakes and ice creams. We really enjoyed our lunch here and talked about it for the rest of our holiday.

Drink at the Heads Up Bar on Castaway Cay, We tried the famous Konk Kooler which is light and dark rum mixed with coconut cream, passion fruit, orange and pineapple juices. This drink was very tasty but also very strong.

Dinner was the pirate menu. To start we had bread service with pigeon pea relish.


Me: Pearls of the Carribean Crabmeat, Shrimp and Salmon with Giant CousCous

Mike: Pirates Golden Pot Sticker Pork Dumplins

Main Course

Me: Captain Hook’s Macadamia Nut Dusted Mahi Mahi with Jasmine Rice and Sauted Pineapple on a Mild Curry Sauce

Mike: The Dutchman’s Dijon Crusted Sirloin Beef with Sweet Potato and Red Wine Glaze


Me: Sweet Temptations (Fruit Cobbler, Floating Island, Chocolate Cake)

Mike: Crunch Time Sundae

The Highs: Castaway Cay is paradise and so relaxing and pretty but with a lot of adventure. We cannot wait to revisit and explore the island even more. We liked that there was a lively family area and over the other side a quieter adult only area.

The Lows: The sunburn which appeared through the night making us grumpy and very cold. We placed a lot of sun cream on throughout the day as we are fair and burn easy. However we have learned a lesson that while snorkelling we will wear t-shirts next time.

Up next: Day at Sea

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