Day at Sea – Day 4

Date: 14th August 2013

What We Did: Today was our day at Sea. We woke up still a bright shade of red from the sunburn yesterday and said we were not going to the pool today as we planned in case we burn even more. We also had a later start as we were tired from the previous couple of days.

When we booked the cruise we wanted to do something special to mark our honeymoon and really wanted to try one of the speciality restaurants. However as we were on such a short cruise we also wanted to try all the dining options which didn’t leave any spare evenings. Then we saw the brunch option at Palo and thought this was perfect.

We walked up to the Palo front desk and checked in, Mike had shorts on and was told he would have to change into trousers to enter the restaurant, so after a quick change we were walking into Palo. It was a unique restaurant with ceiling to floor windows with the most breath-taking views of the sea. As it was our honeymoon we were treated to sit at a table which faced outwards which was perfect. The service and food was incredible and we highly recommend this restaurant.

We still could not stomach the thought of going out in the sun so decided to go and watch planes in the cinema. This film was amazing and so funny, we loved every minute of it. It was then time to go to the senses spa, which we were dreading with the state of our sun burn! When we went into the spa we were given different salts to rub onto the skin which smelt great, shame we were unable to use them as we were burnt. We took the salts home with us to use in the shower. The spa had different rainforest showers with cold and hot water, a sauna with ceiling to floor windows, steam rooms and hot tubs facing out towards the sea. I remember my mum telling me that the best way to get the sting out of sunburn was to have a hot shower, so we went into the hot tubs. At first it was so uncomfortable as our backs were so hot but it did really help with the sting. Thank you Mam! The spa was relaxing and fun and the time went really fast.

We went back to the room to change for the evening and pack our suitcases. We needed to place our cases outside the room before we went for dinner so the cast members could move them ready for port tomorrow. We ate in Royal Palace for dinner tonight where the bread came in a carriage just like Cinderella’s.

After food we went to see the Farwell Show which was with Captain Mickey and his pals. It was a fun show but so sad as it highlighted the fact that it was the last night. Once the show was over we decided to go and have some cocktails in the Skyline. This bar was very cool as it the background of the bar was different cities around the world at night. While we were drinking our cocktails it felt as if we were cruising past Paris and Rio. The drinks were very well made, a generous serving of alcohol and mine came with a light up ice cube! We then went to check out Pink which is themed around Dumbo, when he gets trapped in a bubble. This was a champagne bar and yet again we decided on cocktails.

It was time to say goodbye to the ship and go to bed. 😦

The Food and Drink:

Brunch at Palo started off with mimosas. We were then invited to go up to the buffet table which had salads, meats, cheeses, fruits and different kinds of breads. All fresh and tasty. While eating these we were given menus to look at and told to order a few things. We ordered chilled strawberry and mint soup which I still dream about, chicken pasta with cheese, pesto pasta and a Pizza. We shared all of them and all were delicious. We were stuffed after all the food but the desert table looked so good, in particular the chocolate dipped strawberries. I cannot wait to eat here again in the future.

Dinner at Royal Palace where we started with bread and olive spread.


Me: Pomegranate Glazed Duck Breast

Mike: Iced Lobster and Jumbo Shrimp

Main Course

Me: Royal Palace Angus Beef and Lobster Medallions

Mike: Roasted Wild Boar with Sweet Carrot and Onion Potato Cake and Red Currant Reduction


Me: Sweet Temptations (Peanut Mousse, Mango Cheesecake, Vanilla Crème Brulee

Mike: Vanilla Crème Brulee with Macaroons

The Highs: Palo was one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. It was such a relaxing atmosphere with amazing food.

The Lows: Throughout the cruise they take photos of your party before formal nights, pirate night and character meets. This was great as we don’t have many photos of the two of us and they were very high quality. When we went to the photo shop to buy some of them we noticed that they print all your photos out just in case you want to buy them. This seemed like such a waste. We bought two photos which meant the other 10 went to the bin.

Up Next: Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney

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