Typhoon Lagoon – Day 7

Date: 17th August 2013

What We Did: It was our first ever day at a proper water park today. We were a bit later arriving than anticipated thanks to the Disney transportation system! We waited ages for a bus from the resort, we even had to ring the front desk to check there was a bus even coming! Once we got there we got changed and put sun cream on. We were nervous about burning like in the Bahamas so we doused ourselves in cream! I have to be really careful in water as my sun cream is not water resistant, as my skin is sensitive and gets heat rash easily. I have found that water resistant creams makes it worse. I will only use one type of cream now which is Piz Buin Allergy.

First we hit the wave pool. WOW! The waves were so big, they took you off your feet and whisked you away. I couldn’t believe how strong they were even in the shallower part of the pool. It made us very tired fighting against the waves and we were losing. We soon decided to have a rest on the lazy river which takes you around the whole of the park. We got on our tubes and relaxed until we went under water falls which were freezing cold. We both love a lazy river and could sit and chat all day.

Next up was Gangplank Falls which is a family raft tide. It was a lot of fun, you are sat in a huge tube which fits a lot of people so be prepared to share a tube. You go through a rapids which have lots of water spraying and waterfalls. A very fun slide.

We then went onto the Storm Slides, which were very fast and in enclosed tubes. Mike liked these however I did not as they were a little fast and you could feel all the joins of the slide in your back. Next was our favourite slide of the park which was Crush n Gusher which is a tube slide. We liked being in a double tube and we laughed all the way down. It even pushes you up slopes which is really cool. They even have a photopass photographer at the bottom!


We then had lunch at Typhoon Tilly’s before heading back to the resort to get changed and ready for the evening.

It was still rather early once we were ready so decided to walk to Downtown Disney and into Disney Quest. We played on many of the arcade games such as Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam, Race Zone and Buzz Astroblaster. We also played old style machines such as pin ball. This is a cool place to spend some time in the air conditioning playing games.

We then headed to Epcot, we saw the ‘golf ball’ from miles away. I didn’t realise there was a ride inside the ball called Space Ship Earth which was rather good and made a future for us based on questions the vehicle asked. We then went on Soarin’ which was amazing, I loved flying over Disney with the fireworks going off.

Before food at the Coral Reef we joined Nemo and Friends inside our very own clam. I loved this ride, the exit pushes you out through an aquarium where you can see manatees and other fish. This is Mike’s favourite place. I could leave him watching the manatees for hours.

Coral Reef was a really good place to eat, the food was tasty and fresh. The best thing though is you can see into the huge aquarium tank and watch the fish and sometimes divers. You are given a card that shows what fish we could see in the tank, we even saw a turtle.

Food and Drink:

Lunch at Typhoon Tilly’s, Typhoon Lagoon. We shared a Typhoon Tilly’s Sandwich, Salad and Cookies. Food was ok, not as good as the theme parks.

Dinner at Coral Reef, Epcot

Main Course

Me: Orange and Ginger Glazed Salmon

Mike: Grilled Mahi Mahi with Shrimps served with Rice and Coconut Lime Sauce


Me: Coconut and Mango Chiffon Cake

Mike: Bailey’s and Jack Daniels Mousse

We also received an anniversary cake which was a lovely touch.

The Highs: Crush n Gusher. I absolutely loved this ride, it made me laugh and scream and was so much fun. It was very quick and the corners were sharp. It was so nice to be able to go down together in the double tube.

The Lows: Waiting for the bus to get to Typhoon Lagoon. It took so long and definitely wasted a good 2 hours of our time.

Up Next: Blizzard Beach and Extra Magical Hours at Magic Kingdom

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