Blizzard Beach – Day 8

Date: 18th August 2013

What We Did: This morning we headed to Blizzard Beach, a much better bus ride than yesterday. It was on time and far quicker!

Once we arrived in the park we hired lockers and got changed. We then headed over to Summit Plummit. We watched people come down and it was so fast. I was defiantly not going on that! So I waited at the bottom while Mike began the hike up to the ride. While I was waiting it was so funny watching people come off the slide making sure they were still covered by their swimwear. Mike loved Summit Plummit he said it was scary at the top as you can’t see the edge of the slide when sat at the top.

We then decided to go onto Teamboat Springs which was a family raft ride. We had to ride with another couple as they need more than two in the raft. This slide was so much fun, as you go up the sides of the wall and get splashed…a lot. It goes very quick around the corners has some small drops, but is a great family ride. We loved it and laughed all the way down.

We then spent a few hours in our favourite place the Lazy River. I love sitting in the tube and going around and around the river, there are parts with waterfalls and hoses spraying people in the tubes, which Mike took great pleasure in pushing me under! There were also Photopass photographers in the lazy river with us!

We then went for lunch at Lottawatta Lodge before riding Downhill Double Dipper. This is where you sit in a tube side by side and race to the bottom of the slide. Mike won the race! We then went back to the resort for a well needed rest.

It was Extra Magical Hours in Magic Kingdom tonight we started by taking photos with the PhotoPass people. The shots were really nice in front of the castle and main street train station.

We went on Stitch’s Great Escape and Mosters Inc Laugh Floor. Both rides were ok but I don’t think we will rush to do either again. We went to Be Our Guest for Tea and it was magical. You eat inside of Beast’s Castle which looks exactly like the film. We ate in the ballroom with the baby pictures on the ceiling and the falling snow in the window, you can also eat in the west wing complete with rose! The Beast makes an entrance every hour and walks through the dining rooms. I loved eating here and can’t wait to eat there again. On the way out we met The Beast.

We were on the way out of the restaurant when the biggest storm rolled in. It was pouring down, I have never seen rain like it. The rain fell so fast it was bouncing off the ground and flooding the place. Then came the thunder and lightning. There is a reason they are called the lighting capital, needless to say we waited until it stopped before steeping out of the restaurant!

As it was raining the shows and fireworks had been delayed. The Main Street Electrical Parade was the first show of the evening. We loved how Pete’s Dragon made an appearance and the spinning turtles. Next it was Celebrate the Magic and Wishes which were breath taking as always.

Food and Drink:

Lunch at Lottawatta Ladge where we shared a chicken burger, salad and cookies.

Dinner at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom.


Me: Seasonal Salad Trio

Mike: French Onion Soup Topped with Crouton and Gruyere Cheese

Main Course

Me: Grilled Strip Steak with Garlic Herb Butter and Pommes Frites

Mike: Layered Ratatoulle with Quinoa and Bell Pepper Sauce


Me: Lemon Meringue Cupcake

Mike: Strawberry Cupcake

Anniversary Gift: Grey Stuff

The Highs: Be Our Guest is one of the best themed restaurants I have ever been in. It was truly magical inside and made you feel as if you were really inside the Beasts castle. The food was super tasty and we got to taste the grey stuff, which I did not like but Mike did. It just tasted of icing!

The Lows: I can’t remember any lows from today. What a good day!

Up Next: Hollywood Studios

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