Hollywood Studios! – Day 9

Date: 19th August 2013

What we did: It was an early wake up call this morning, breakfast at Chef Mickeys in the Contemporary Resort. We phoned the front desk last night to see what time the bus would be to the Magic Kingdom to get us to our reservation. The bus was at 6.45am, way to early for me. Once at the Magic Kingdom we decided to walk over to the Contemporary which was nice at this time in the morning. It was time for a buffet breakfast with Chef Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. It was just ok and we would not return, I think it is more to do with how early the reservation was. After breakfast the plan was to go into the Magic Kingdom however we were so tired we decided to go back to the resort to sleep for a few more hours.


We were in need of a rest from all the fun and walking over the last few days! Then we headed over to Hollywood Studios for extra magical hours. We went on the Great Movie Ride which we both enjoyed as the car transported us through some of the most iconic movie scenes and was a different kind of ride. We then went to see the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. This show was really good and showed you how a lot of the stunts are filmed on set, including fire, guns, fight scenes and explosions. It was fun and fast paced.

We then headed for a quick service at pizza planet before riding Star Tours. This ride made me feel so sick from the simulation movement. I didn’t know where to look to make it better and shutting me eyes did not work! It was time for fresh air to get rid of the sick feeling!

We then went on Toy Story Mania, which I won! I love this ride it is so exciting and competitive but so much fun. On the way to Tower of Terror we went into Walt Disney’s One Man Dream. I learnt a lot in here about Walt and Mickey Mouse. It is a really nice place to see original artwork, models of the Theme Parks and a film. Then on to Tower of Terror which still scares me even after riding it loads of times!

Fantasmic is definitely my favourite show on Walt Disney World property. I love the storyline the characters, villains and an incredible soundtrack. It is exciting and has so much going on and even finishes with fireworks. It was then definitely time to go to bed!


Food and Drink:

Breakfast at Chef Mickeys in the Contemporary Resort. This was buffet service and included everything from omelettes, fruit, mickey waffles up to breakfast pizza and lasagne. The food was alright, not the best we have had in Disney. We totally understand that you are there to meet to characters but by the end of the trip it was our least favourite restaurant.

Dinner at Pizza Planet where we shared pizza, salad and cookies.

The Highs: Fantasmic! AMAZING! MUST SEE!

The Lows: The tiredness hit today. The bus ride to breakfast was such hard work and I could have stayed in bed. I am glad we went but looking back we should have gone for lunch and have a morning to rest up. We did not think we would walk so much.

Up Next: Drinking around the world!

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