Drinking Around the World – Day 10

Date: 20th August 2013

What We Did:

For this blog we will place the food and drink in this section as that was basically the whole part of our day!

We have been looking forward to this since we booked our trip. We read a couple of blogs on how to plan our day. We decided to get there early and try a drink each in each country and to share a snack in each place too.

We arrived at Epcot early and got a few photopass pictures by spaceship earth.


Next we headed over to the World Showcase starting at Mexico. It was around 11am and we decided to get some food before we started to drink around the world!


Snacks: We ended up getting a counter service at La Cantina de San Angel, food was lovely we shared tacos and nachos.

Drinks: La Cava del Tequila where we drank wild passion fruit margaritas with berry foam on the top. This is by far the best margarita I have tasted and we would be back here for more on another day!

In Mexico we also rode Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros, looked around the shop and met Donald Duck, something that Mike very much enjoyed. Mexico was one of our favourite pavilions in Epcot.


Snack: School Bread from Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. This was a bun filled with vanilla custard and topped with coconut. Very tasty!

Drinks: Also at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. There was only one drink for Mike and that was the Galcier Shot which made him pull a face at after drinking! It smelt of nail varnish remover. I had a white wine which was a little too dry but was ok.

While in Norway we shopped and went on Maelstorm.


Snack: We went to Lotus Blossom Café where we shared pork and vegetable egg rolls. These were a snack credit and rather good.

Drinks: We drank a plum wine (so good) and Chinese beer with our snack inside the café.

The China pavilion is really pretty with streams, buildings and gates. We went to see Reflections of China which was in a 360 dergree cinema. Very cool and coming out we had now added China to the list of places we want to go.


Snack: Jumbo Pretzel at Sommerfest, it was salty but a little dry so luckily we had drinks to go with it.

Drinks: Schofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen and a Jägermeister Shot to share. The pink grapefruit beer was really tasty.

Germany has a lot of great looking buildings but is not one of our favourite pavilions.



Snacks: We were hoping to get inside the Tutto Gusto however the cast member on the door was rather rude to us so we decided against it. She kind of looked at us up and down and said no. Their loss! In the end we decided not to have a snack.

Drinks: We bought peroni’s from a beer cart which were cold so good.


Snacks: We picked up a Jalepeno cheese stuffed pretzel from Fife and Drum, which was so good.

Drinks: This was another highlight for us, Frozen Red Stag Lemonade. This was so good in particular because it was frozen.


Snacks: We decided not to get a snack as we were rather full and our dinner reservation was just around the corner.

Drinks: Mike had never tried sake so that was the only drink he was allowed to get. As I have tried it and didn’t like it I opted for the plum wine. Mike did not like the sake as you can see from the following photos.

By this point we had been drinking for hours in the Florida sun and I was feeling a little drunk. We went into a shop within the Japan pavilion to look around. Mike found me walking around with a very large china owl… that I wanted to keep. Needless to say we left after that in case something got broken.


Snacks: No snacks as we were eating dinner in the next country.

Drinks: We both decided on a frozen cocktail which were rather tasty and came in souvenir glasses… which we took home with us.

The Morocco Pavillion is very beautiful, with lots of colours and fountains.



Food: We ate at The Rose and Crown out on the patio area.


Me: Prawn cocktail

Mike: Cheese Board

Main Course

Me: Steak, Fish with chips and Gravy. A very weird combination but delicious.

Mike: Chicken Curry


Me: Berry Cake

Mike: Sticky Toffee Pudding

I had a pint of snake bite and Mike had a cocktail with a glow cube. The food was lovely and we got to watch Illuminations from the balcony which was a perfect view of the fireworks. Illuminations was our least favourite show on property.


Snacks: Still full

Drinks: We both had a Grey Goose Slush which was amazing. It was very strong but so nice.



Snacks: No way!

Drinks: We both had frozen mohito’s which were horrible! They tasted like frozen toothpaste.


We did it! We managed to drink around the world. We both had a drink in every country. Snack around the world did not work out to well as we were so full. It was a really fun day and rather chilled out compared to other park days. It was now time to get to bed.

The Highs:  I loved taking a slower pace and people watching while sitting at the bars drinking our tasty drinks. It was so much fun to have an adult activity within a theme park.

The Lows: Heartburn! Oh my god I had heartburn heading into the UK pavilion. It was so bad and the heat was not helping. I had to sit on a curb for 20 minutes until it had passed. Another low was going into the UK shops and seeing t shirts from England, Ireland and Scotland but nothing from Wales! Wales is a part of the UK too Disney!

Up Next: T-Rex Cafe

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