T-Rex Café – Day 11

Date: 21st August 2013

What We Did: Our first stop today was Hollywood Studios, it was so hot. As soon as we opened the hotel door we were sweating. Once in the park we watched Lights, Motor, Action which was a stunt show featuring Lightning McQueen. This show was great, full of energy and danger. It was so hot sat in the metal stands though!

The next thing we did was Backlot Express Tour which I think was one of my favourite rides. You get to see behind the scenes and how they would record scenes with fire, water and explosions. It was super cool to watch and a little frightening in places. Then it was time for lunch at the Studio Catering Company which was a great quick service meal.

After lunch we saw the Voyage of the Little Mermaid which is a stage show filled with characters and songs. We then decided to head over to Downtown Disney for some much needed air con!

Once in Downtown Disney we headed over to Disney Quest which was such a cool place. The building is filled with old style arcade games and simulation machines. We had so much fun on the pinball machines and the racing cars, Mike took a lot of pleasure in beating about ten others on the NASCAR simulator. We then got to a part where we could design our own rollercoaster, not only that but then test it out in the simulation. This was so much fun but did make me feel really sick during the simulation. We really enjoyed our time here.

We then headed to T-Rex for dinner, which is an amazingly themed restaurant filled with dinosaurs, an ice cave and woolly mammoth. After dinner we went over the Goofy Candy Company and made our own Mickey Treat. This was a snack credit and was so big it took me 4 sittings to eat it all. We both decided on marshmallow treat, dipped in milk chocolate then mini m&m’s followed by a drizzle of white chocolate.


We were so tired now that we called it a night. This was a slower day following our drinking around the world.

Food and Drink:

Lunch at Catering Company where we had a sandwich, chicken wrap and chocolate mousse to share. It was really good.

Dinner at T-Rex Café in Downtown Disney



Supersaurus sampler – spinach and pepper jack sauce with tortilla chips, bruschetta and onion rings. (way too big for a starter for two!)


Me: New York Strip with red skinned mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Mike: Gigantosaurus Burger with fries.


We shared meteor bites with caramel and chocolate dipping sauces. Amazing but we were so full we could hardly eat any of them.

The Highs: We both enjoyed eating in the T-Rex Café as the theming was so good. We also loved playing the old style games in Disney Quest.

The Lows: We were very tired today which was only made worse by the heat. The weather definitely got to us today. We could not get used to the Florida humidity.

Up Next: Meeting the Yeti!

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