Finding the Yeti – Day 12

Date: 22nd August 2013

What We Did: Today we were in Animal Kingdom which is pretty much like a zoo and safari park all rolled into one. We loved it here but is was so hot and humid and it felt worse than any other theme park, not sure if that was because of all the trees.

We first went in hunt of the yeti on Expedition Everest. We found this ride rather boring and overhyped but the yeti part is really cool. We then went for breakfast at Tusker House. This was the best character meal we had over the course of three weeks. So much better than Chef Mickeys, but that could be because we were more awake for this one!

We then went on safari which was brilliant. We saw giraffe, rhino, hippos, crocs and elephants. The guide was full of information and jokes. We heard another person saying he saw more of this Safari than when he was in Africa! All the animals were out and easy to see. The safari is really well done as you cant see the boundaries and feels so real.

Next up was the forest trail where we saw gorillas, hippos and birds. It felt even more humid in the middle of the forest and we were seriously sweating by now! Onto Rafiki Planet aboard the train. The train ride shows you the back area to the safari where they keep all the animals. Rafiki’s Planet Watch was all about conservation and they had these really cool rainforest booths that were dark and pumped out sounds of the rainforest. They also had a place where you could watch vets operating on the smaller animals through glass. Mike’s favourite part was the affection section where you got to brush and pet pigs and goats, it took me a while to get him to leave!

Once back into the main part of the park we watched Flights of Wonder. We loved this show as it featured owls (my favourite). We got to see vultures fly and do tricks and we got to see a Bald Eagle. WOW! He was massive! Such a beautiful bird. We then walked through the Maharajah Jungle Trek where we saw tigers, komodo dragons and the biggest fruit bats I have ever seen!


I couldn’t believe how many animals we were seeing up close. They all looked happy and their enclosures were huge. We were so hot we then went onto the Kali River Rapids to cool down. What a ride, I have never been on a rapids ride that has this much of a drop. Honestly it stops at a point and when you look back you can’t see where the drop end! It was so scary and to make it worse it was rather misty. It is the best rapids ever, and you get soaked!

We then lined up for The Festival of The Lion King, this is by far the best stage show in Disney World. It is so fun and has you singing and dancing all the way through. It is great because its not the exact story as it has its own spin on it. The dancers and singers are really good in this show and in particular the tumbling monkeys. We then went on my worst ride of our stay, It’s Tough to Be a Bug, I hated it as it felt as if bugs were running around your feet and at the end you get a poke in the back, meant to be a sting. I jumped so much. I will never do this again!

We went for dinner at Boma at Animal Knigdom Lodge which was super yummy and then headed to Downtown Disney to buy some gifts for home. We made our own candle in Basin where you can fill with different scented waxes.

Food and Drink:

Breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingodm where it was a buffet style restaurant with lots of African flavours. It was really good and fresh. The best part though is meeting safari Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.

Dinner was at Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge. This was also a buffet style restaurant serving African food. It was so good we ate lots of curry, breads and rice dishes. They had a carvery station with salmon, pork, steak and chicken. The best though was the zebra domes in the desert section which are so tasty, also they are alcoholic!

The Highs: The food today was really good. We had two buffet meals that were so good as it wasn’t full of American food. We really liked the African themed foods with different herbs and spices.

The Lows: We were disappointed with Expedition Everest. We were really looking forward to this ride before our visit as its the main attraction. After riding Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller it doesn’t compare in our opinion.

Up Next: Universal Studios

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