Universal Studios – Day 13

Date: 23rd August 2013

What We Did: Today we went to Universal Studios! We caught the bus from Downtown Disney and within 15 minutes we were at the TTC…we’d caught the wrong bus. So annoying as we then had to wait about 40 minutes for the next bus. The bus drops you off by Sea World where you have to wait for another bus. You have to transfer bus again on the I-Drive. The bus took so long to get to Universal.


Once there and through security we decided to go to Island of Adventure. The first ride we came across was The Hulk. We liked that you could put your bags in lockers free of charge while you ride. This is great as it makes the line shorter, you don’t have to wait for others to collect all their stuff before they exit. We loved it and we only had to wait 15 minutes in line. The initial acceleration of the ride is amazing!

We then went on Spiderman which was a simulation, and made me feel sick. The ride was really well done though and so immersive. You wear 3D glasses and are placed in a car following Spiderman fighting off bad guys! It was again very hot and humid so we went on the water rides next. We went on Ripsaw Falls and Bluto’s Barges. These two rides got us drenched. We were so wet the barges were like tidal waves that would come over the boat. We were both getting a little angry and tired as our clothes were so wet and because it was so humid would not dry quickly or easily. It took all day for them to dry.

The Jurrasic Park theme tune made us feel happier, and walking under the gates. This was my favourite ride of the day, although it did add to the wetness. It was so cool and I loved all the theming.

Next up was Harry Potter Land and this was brilliantly themed, including snow topped roofs. We rode the rides within this land. I really enjoyed the forbidden journey but had to close my eyes going through the forest full of spiders! We went into Honeyduke’s, saw what a chocolate frog cost and walked straight back out. We then had a picture with the Hogwarts Train.

We were done for today as it was getting late and we had the dreaded bus journey home. We checked how much a taxi would be but could not justify paying that much. On the way out we went to Margaritaville for nachos and cocktails. Yummy!

Food and Drink:

Dinner at Margaritaville where we shared the biggest portion of nachos and beers and cocktails. Food was yummy, can’t go wrong with nachos.


The Highs: The rides were great as they were aimed at adults more. There were more thrill rides and a lot of simulation that were fun.

The Lows: It’s not Disney World. I don’t think we will ever get service like we get in Disney. Everyone seems more willing to help and the theming of the queues are so much better there. We wanted to be back in the happiest place on Earth.

Up Next: One very posh dinner at Victoria and Alberts

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