One Posh Dinner at Victoria and Alberts – Day 14

Date: 24th August 2013

What We Did: Today we changed resort to Art of Animation. We were sad to say Goodbye to Saratoga Springs as it was such a nice resort and the bed was so comfy. The good thing was Saratoga Springs took our bags to the resort, well at the time this was a good idea.

Art of Animation was easy to check in and really well themed. It had a Cars, Lion King, Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid themed rooms. The lobby was full of sketches and drawings of the characters and looked really bright and colourful.

Our room was so cute, we were staying in The Little Mermaid Room. The shower was Ariel’s cave full of treasure which was really nice. We loved our new room, the beds were not as comfy though!

This was the part of the day that got us super stressed and angry. We were eating at Victoria and Alberts in the evening and were waiting for our bags to be delivered. In Victoria and Alberts it is smart dress only, including a dinner jacket for men. We had to have our cases and were running out of time. So I phoned the reception to ask about our cases and because there was lightning in the area they were unable to deliver them until it had passed. So I asked if we could come down and get them which they also said was not possible. We were therefore left waiting for the storm to pass.

In the end we had to ring Victoria and Albert’s to explain why we may be a little late. Our bags finally arrived and it was a mad rush to get ready and dressed and over to The Grand Floridian by taxi, but we finally made it after the bag issue! It looked so lovely inside the Grand Floridian, with it’s crisp and clean décor.


When we checked into Victoria and Albert’s they supplied a dinner jacket for Mike as we were unable to pack it in our suitcase. The cast member who checked us in could guess Mike’s jacket size and once we sat down he casually brought the jacket over and put it on the back of Mike’s chair and asked him to put it on when he next stool up. We had a small table and the whole restaurant was really small. As it was our Honeymoon we received personalised menus. The food was delicious, especially as I didn’t really know what I was eating. The best thing is that every course came with a little story about where the food had come from and how it was cooked. Definitely the fanciest place we have ever ate. It was expensive but worth it. Mike really liked the coffee that was brewed at the table.

On the way out we received a rose, our menus, sweets and a fruit bread for breakfast. This made me so happy.

As we were all dressed up so we headed into the Magic Kingdom to get Photopass photos in front of the castle.

Food and Drink:

Dinner at Victoria and Albert’s in The Grand Floridian. The menu had a choice of two things for each course so we just ordered both.

1st Course

Amuse Bouche

2nd Course

Petit Poussin with Violet Mustard and Crispy Skin

Octopus A La Plancha with Black Garlic Aioli

3rd Course

Maine Diner Scallop with Cauliflower and Glace de Viande

Black Bass with Yellow Tomato Bouillon and Almonds

4th Course

Crispy Squab with Agnolotti and Cherry Jus

Veal Napoleon with Chanterelle Mushrooms

5th Course

Mangalitsa Park, with Roasted Beets and Toasted Caraway Vinaigrette

Roasted Duck with Fennel and Leeks

6th Course

Colston Bassett Stilton, Gouda Reypenaer

Roasted White Chocolate Gelato with Balsamic Glaze

7th Course

Hawaiian Kona Chocolate Souffle

Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee

8th Course

Celebes Coffee and Friandises

The Highs: Most definitely the meal at Victoria and Albert’s. It was so amazing and brilliant experience.

The Lows: The luggage issue. When we phoned they still ended the conversation with “have a magical day”, which angered me even more!!


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