Italy – Day 1

Back at the start of the year we said we were going to stay home this year, the honeymoon and wedding cost a lot and we needed to save more to travel again. However… we started to look at flights just to see and found really cheap flights to Italy. Well that was that we had booked Italy for 8 days stopping at Venice, Florence, Tuscany and Rome.

Date: 9th August 2014

What We Did: This was our travel day and we flew from East Midlands Airport to Venice with Ryanair. Once we arrived in Venice we got onto a bus for an hours drive to the main drop off point of Venice. We had no idea what to expect as Venice has no cars, so we got dropped off and the bus driver pointed us in the general direction we needed to go!

So there we were, we had our rucksacks and were walking around the streets of Venice trying to find our hotel. We were staying at a place called Bed and Breakfast Room in Venice, not the most unique name so it took us hours to find it. Everywhere we turned we saw more alley ways. The whole of Venice is full of narrow streets and we already understand why the number one tip when visiting Venice is to “get lost”. We would have been happier being lost if we were not carrying our bags with us.

Eventually we found our room. The room was really lovely and the family who run the place were really helpful. She gave us a map but also said that most streets don’t feature on the map, so maps are of little use! She asked what time we would like breakfast and gave us some tips on where to eat. We had a shared bathroom, but never saw anyone else there.

We were hungry and as we are in Italy… I wanted pizza. We followed our hosts recommendations to a small pizza place in a quiet square. The pizza was amazing. We also got a carafe of wine… of course.


We then went in search for Piazza San Marco, it took a while to find with our map which was the least reliable thing in the world! Now we had dropped the bags off getting lost was more fun and interesting. We found the square and we saw Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Bridge of Sighs and San Marco Campanile. We sat at the edge of the square people watching for an hour or so. We looked at one of the cafes in the square, the price were so high that we decided not to bother.

The bridge of sighs was very creepy looking in the night. This bridge connected the prison with interrogation rooms and just seemed really sad.

The square was really pretty at night with the lights on. We also saw the Grand Canal with the 100s of gondalas parked up. Here we decided to drink Aperol Spritz which became my drink of the holiday.

It was time to walk back to the room ready for another day of exploring the narrow streets and canals of Venice

Food and Drink:

Dinner: Vegetable Pizza and Ham Pizza with a carafe of white wine.

Drinks: Aperol Stritz

The Highs: We are in Italy so the high had to be the pizza and wine on the first night. Best pizza I have ever tasted.

The Lows: Finding our bed and breakfast was a nightmare as the streets were so hard to find without cars. It took a water taxi and a lot of walking to find the room. This low was due to the temperature and the fact that we were carrying our bags. Strangely this became a high once the bags were dropped. Over the next few days we loved getting lost as we were finding new and interesting things to see.

Up Next: Getting lost in Venice

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