Getting Lost in Venice – Day 2

Date:  10th August 2014

What We Did: We were woken up by a knock at the door around 8am. Mike got up to answer and came back in with a huge tray full of our breakfast goodies. We ate this and started to get ready.

We decided not to take the map with us today. After researching all the things to do in Venice everyone said to just get lost. That was the plan. We started walking down the narrow streets passing colourful buildings and stopping on bridges to look at the different canals. There were a few times that we got to the edge of a canal and couldn’t go any further so had to turn back and try another way. It reminded me of a hedge maze! It is a very pretty place but after a few hours we did feel like it all looks the same.

We went passed houses that had boats outside and sat debating how on earth they get into their houses and whether the house gets damp or cold in the winter because of all the water. It was a really strange thing to watch as it just looked as if the whole place was flooded.


We turned a corner and saw that we were on the opposite site of Piazzo San Marco. We didn’t realise we had walked that far. I think this is one of the best views of the San Marco Campanile and Doge’s Palace.


We were outside of a large Church with huge domes on top which we decided to go in and have a look around. It was called Basilica di Santa Maria and the inside was really colourfully decorated, the floor had a large pattern and there was so much light coming through the windows around the dome.


We really wanted to go on a gondola ride while in Venice but did not have the money to fork out 80 euro. We read online that you could get across the Grand Canal for a few euro. We decided to find one of these places and check it out. The gondola ride did only cost 3 euro as it is paddled by trainees! This a great option if you don’t want to pay the money for a proper go. We were so glad that we did this as it was not relaxing! Another reason we did not want to go in the normal gondolas is because when you look at the canals they are full, nearly back to back in some places and therefore you are not getting that romantic vibe you see in the films.

eff0d4fa-c7a3-443a-836d-288d41f09928 We changed for the evening and made our way to Piazza San Marco where we went up the Campanile just before the bells rang. The bell inside the tower is massive, especially when someone is underneath it. The views from the top of the tower were amazing, because there are no roads the city seems really small. It’s like nothing I have ever seen from up high, without roads it looks like the buildings are ontop of each other.

Food and Drink:

Breakfast in bed, the choice was amazing and included cereal, yoghurt, jams, bread, croissant and filled pastries. We were also given juice, tea and coffee. We loved getting this little tray in bed every morning.


Drinks: More aperol spritz.

Snack: Coconut gelato which was tasty.

The Highs: The opposite of yesterday, getting lost in Venice. We took so many turns and were getting to the end of streets just saying right or left. I don’t know how we found our way back to the room or the main part as we walked and got lost for hours. There is so much detail in the buildings, boats and canals.

The Lows: The gondola was very disappointing and not what I expected after watching it in films and seeing it on postcards. Will not be going on one again.

Up Next: Train ride to Florence

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