Train to Florence – Day 3

Date: 11th August 2014

What We Did: We woke up for another amazing breakfast in bed delivered to the room around 8am. We ate as we packed and then made our way to the train station. We were sad to leave our room as we had such good service and it was clean and comfortable. On the way to our water taxi we went past the Rialto bridge which was really grand.

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We arrived at the train station, booked some tickets on a large touch screen computer. Two tickets from Venice to Florence on a high speed train and payed an extra 10 euro for more leg room (which was music to Mike’s ears, being 6ft 4inches tall!), wifi and comfy seats. Money well spent! The tickets cost us 100 euro for two tickets and the journey was really good and we couldn’t believe how efficient the public transport was.

We arrived into Florence around 3pm and started the hike to our hotel. Again we got lost as we could not navigate the streets and the directions given were a little vague and missing key bits of information out. We got there in the end, however when we checked in we were told that they had overbooked the hotel and we would have to stay in a building on the next street. We walked with the receptionist and was shown into a building with 3 rooms downstairs and a bathroom upstairs. It was a really strange set up, the room had a bed and that was it. We would still be able to get breakfast from the hotel.

We dropped the bags and went out to explore. On the way we stopped for pasta and wine in a small café. Food was lovely, could really get used to Italian cuisine! We made our way over to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. WOW! This Cathedral was beautiful made out of white, green and pink marble and shined in the sun. We walked inside for a look, it was so nice and cool out of the sun. The inside was not as impressive as the outside.

When we walked around the side of the Cathedral we could see the huge dome on top. This was also rather impressive in size and height.

Food and Drink:

Lunch: Pasta dishes with a carafe of wine.

Snack: Yet more Gelato!

The Highs: How easy the public transport system is in Italy, the train was clean comfortable and on time. The wifi worked really well and we had so much leg room for an extra 10 euro.

The Lows: The mix up with the hotel as now it felt that we were staying in a dungeon! Luckily we only had a few nights in the room before moving onto the next city.

Up Next: Wine tasting and tour of Tuscany


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