Arriving in Rome – Day 6

Date: 14th August 2014

What We Did: Today we were up early and back to the station to catch the train to Rome. We were so excited this is what the trip was planned for, The Colosseum and all the other tourist things to do and see in Rome. We arrived just after lunch and decided to get a taxi to our hotel, learning from arriving and getting lost in Venice and Florence.

We were staying at Ripetta Rooms which was our favourite room of the week. It was modern and clean but the best of all.. it had AC and a private bathroom! It was so nice to not have to creep across the landings when going to the bathroom early in the morning. The air conditioning was a life saver too after a week of sleeping in stuffy rooms with fans constantly on, I was looking forward to going to bed in silence. The room also had a mini bar which did come in handy towards the end of our few days in Rome.

We spent the evening chilling out in the room after so much travelling the past few days. We drank the wine we had bought in the vineyard and ate some of the chocolate from the mini bar. We then decided to go for a walk to find the Spanish steps.

Rome was so much busier than the other cities we have seen in Italy, there were people everywhere. There were also people selling things everywhere such as roses, light wands and postcards, they were rather pushy as well following you and trying to put things into your hands. Though most of the time a firm NO! would get them to leave us alone.

We got to the Spanish steps and were not prepared for the amount of people, as you can see from the feature image of this blog post. We couldn’t get a great photo as there were too many people. We people watched and then headed back to the room for a good nights sleep.

The Highs: Arriving in Rome, which is a city I have wanted to visit for such a long time, especially after watching the film Angels and Demons! Every time we watch that film now we sit there and say ‘been there’, ‘seen that’!

The Lows: The amount of people in Rome and in particular within the tourist spots. I expected it to be busy but I think the areas are rather small and therefore feels even busier.

Up Next: The Colosseum and many many touristy things

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