Vatican City – Day 8

e inside Date: 16th August 2014

What We Did: This is our last full day in Rome and Italy. We went to the Vatican today, I am so glad we pre booked our tickets as the line went all around the whole of the outside wall. It was the longest queue we had seen for the week! We were excited to see where the Pope lives! It took a while to walk to the Vatican and our feet were sore from all the walking over the last week.

Once we got inside and through security we spent a few hours looking around the exhibits and the museum. I didn’t realise that this is where art work and other things are stored by the Vatican. It was interesting to see all the different things on displays.

We hadn’t researched anything before arriving and was a little disappointed that I didn’t learn about the Catholic Church and what the Vatican does on a day to day basis. It felt very secretive and hush hush. We then walked through the Sistine Chapel which was chaos. It was so full you had to move with the crowd, you couldn’t stop to see the famous ceiling so just walked while looking up.

The Vatican Museum is a beautiful place with decorated high ceilings and lots of gold objects. I’m glad we went as it is a once in a lifetime experience but would probably not visit the museum again.

We then went to the St Peter’s Square which I loved. It is another place to sit and people watch and just looks beautiful. It is all white and looks very clean. It is crazy to think that Vatican City is its own country and therefore the police and security look different to those in Italy. We also went inside St Peter’s Basilica, which had heavy security and took a while to go through the metal detectors and for bags to be searched. The inside was amazing and so shiny. We overheard other people saying that Angels and Demons had to build a replica of Vatican City as they were not allowed to film there!

We then went to Tastevere KmZero for lunch. We found this place on trip advisor and decided to give it a go. Its a really small farm shop that doubles up as a café. It doesn’t have a menu as such we went up and ordered a taster board with a few glasses of wine. There are a few places to sit. The food was really good.

After lunch we walked around Rome for our last day and then went back to Vatican city to watch the sun set. On the way back to the hotel we went for tea in the same restaurant as yesterday… unimaginative but we loved this place!

Food and Drink:

Lunch at Tastevere KmZero where we shared a platter board to try the meats and cheeses. We also had a few glasses of wine. Highly recommend this small shop and café.


Dinner back at Antica Osteria Brunetti, it was so good for lunch yesterday we wanted to make it our ‘posh meal’ of the holiday. Every holiday we go on we try and fit in one ‘posh meal’ meaning it is a little more expensive and we go all out with three courses and drinks.

1st Course: We shared a cheese tasting plate. The cheese came around the outside of the board making it look like a clock with the chutney in the middle.

2nd Course: We both had pasta dishes of lasagne and tagliatelle which were also really good. Very strange to have pasta as a starter mind.

3rd Course: This was the meat course. Mike had steak and I had chicken served with potatoes and veg. This again was very tasty.

Pudding: The tiramisu was to die for. Definitely have this if you are going here.

Last Course: Mike had a coffee and the restaurant gave us shots of Limoncello which tasted like lemon floor cleaner!

We also shared a few bottles of Italian wine!

The Highs: Vatican City was my favourite place in the whole week of travelling Italy. Though I can’t really say why, it just seemed peaceful and was a great place to sit and chill out… once you got out of the crowds!

The Lows: Our last day in Italy was perfect and we didn’t have any lows except the pain in our feet from so much walking.

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