Bjorkliden – Day 3

Date: 16th February 2015

What We Did: We woke up early to see the sunrise over the mountains and lake. The view from our cabin is the best view I think I have ever seen. Look at how much snow was on the banister. When we stood on the balcony it was strange because the air felt so fresh and cold.


It was time to wrap up warm to explore the resort area. We walked down to the post office and small shop to pick up some bits for the cabin. There were icicles hanging from the top of the post office which looked really cool. I have never seen anything like that before.


My Mum and Sister had never seen snow like this before and they loved it. It was such hard work walking around in the snow mind as it was so deep it took extra effort to pick your legs up out of the snow. You had to be careful where you were stepping because as soon as you stepped on the verge you were up to your middle in snow.


It was very cold, below freezing but it was strange how when you walked around you got really hot and started to sweat because of the amount of layers worn. We then went down a huge hill, where we ran and slid down it. We messed around a little pushing each other into the verges and having a laugh.

We then went to the main hotel for lunch which was a buffet and it was rather nice. We walked around a little more and went back to the lodge for a nap. My mum slept in and we all decided to go into the sauna. Once we sat in the sauna for a while we decided to jump into the snow on the balcony in our swimmers. It was so cold. The only problem was when we jumped onto the balcony the snow feel back into the living room.

That night we had a quiet night, we walked up to the hotel to use the wifi and have a drink. We then went back and cooked Spaghetti Bolognese, watched TV and went to bed. It must be the fresh air and weather, we were so tired.

Food and Drink:

Breakfast We all had toast and butter in the lodge watching the lovely view out of the window.

Lunch at the hotel. We had a buffet lunch where we ate salads, bread and meats in gravy with potatoes. Food was nice but a random mix of stuff.

Dinner We cooked Spaghetti Bolognese in the lodge.

The Highs: All of today was a high from looking at the beautiful views to messing around in the snow. It was also great to bring family along for the adventure.

The Lows: None

Up Next: Skiing and Sledging

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