Skiing and Sledging – Day 4

Date: 17th February 2015

What We Did: Today we rented skis to go down the small slopes as we are hopeless at skiing. After a few hours on the skis I had to give up as it was so tiring and its just not my thing. We went back to the lodge and went across the flat for a bit. My sister and Mike also struggled to ski properly. We said if we were to come back again we would maybe pay for lessons. We did laugh a lot during our attempts mind.

We chilled out a bit at the lodge and ate lunch before the skis had to go back. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony and jumping of it into the snow.

When we took the skis back we hired sledges for a few days. They were the sledges that you use as kids. We were really looking forward to this.

Tonight we went to the restaurant for food which was ok but very expensive. We booked an excursion for tomorrow where they take you by snow mobile up to the top lodge to have waffles. This sounded like so much fun. We then went sledging.

Oh my god! We went so fast down the hills around the resort. We couldn’t see where we were going because the snow was so fine it would just spray in your face. Many times we ended up on the verge finding it difficult to get back to the road. It was so much fun and we laughed most of the night. We wished we could take the sledges down the slope and get the ski lift back up as it was so much work walking back up the hills all the time.


Food and Drink:

Breakfast at our lodge was toast with butter.

Lunch also at the lodge where we made cheese and ham toasties and crisps.

Dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. We cant remember what we ate, the menu was very strange and sold a lot of fish such as shark and also reindeer. The meal was ok but not fantastic and very expensive.

The Highs: Again a day full on highs, laughs and so much fun. We were truly making memories here. We liked how chilled the atmosphere was.

The Lows: Just as yesterday no lows today.

Up Next: The Frozen Lake

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