Day on the frozen lake – Day 5

Date: 18th February 2015

What We Did: We were excited for our tour today and made our way up to the lodge early to get checked in. When we got there we were told it had been cancelled because there was a storm on the way and the weather would be too bad up the mountain. Gutted especially as we couldn’t rearrange another time as we were leaving tomorrow. We asked the hotel what they would recommend we do for the day. They told us about a frozen lake that you can walk across. That sounded like fun so we decided to do this.

On the way down to the lake it was like a blizzard. The snow came down so hard and fast that we could barley see in front of us. We walked down to the bottom of the resort and across the road towards the lake. Once we were on the lake we could see how big it was. It was very strange stepping onto the lake because a part of our brain was saying not to. It was so cool though, so much snow had fallen it was really hard to walk anywhere on the lake because you just felt stuck.

We noticed what looked like a frozen waterfall at the side of the lake. We decided to go for a walk over there. Well that took all of our energy, it was such hard work and every now and then we would fall over and it was really hard to get back up. Once you were sat on the floor, you couldn’t use your hands to push yourself up because they would sink into the snow. The waterfall was amazing, it looked liked it just froze in seconds.

It was so much fun down at the lake. Next was the long hike back up to the resort. It nearly killed me and my mum walking in the snow as the hills were so steep. Once we got to the shop we bought some chocolate and crisps to eat back at the lodge. It took a while to get back to the lodge where we made a snack to eat and had another ‘Nana Nap’.

We then went up to the lodge to have a few drinks and sit in the warm with the best view.


The bar had the best fire, I have ever seen. It was so toasty, once we got in there we had to take loads of layers off. They served the best cider and hot chocolate ever. So nice. We also ate dinner at the bar tonight and we found this much nicer than in the restaurant.

Once we had eaten food the staff called out that the northen lights were not on show. We all rushed outside. WOW! I don’t think anything would top off this experience. The sky was alight with green lines moving around like waves. I was not expecting the lines to move so quickly across the sky. We were told that it was a really good place to see the northern lights as there wasn’t any light pollution and we were looking out over the lake.

We couldn’t take very good pictures as they didn’t really pick up the lights and we wanted to experience them rather than watch them through the lens.

Well what an end to the holiday. We saw the northern lights which is what we were hoping for when we booked the trip. We also had an amazing stay at the Bjorkliden resort. We would definitely be back.

Food and Drink:

Breakfast in the lodge where we made toast with butter.

Lunch in the lodge, we made ham and cheese toasties with crisps.

Dinner: We ate in the bar of the main hotel. We both ate reindeer burger with fries which was really tasty.

The Highs: Seeing the Northern Lights, something we will never forget.

The Lows: The cancelled tour, we were really looking forward to this and wished we had booked it for the first day. Just means we will have to visit again.

Up Next: The long drive back to the airport.

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