The Long Way Home

Date: 19th February 2015

What We Did: Today we checked out at around 9am and started the long drive home. We packed up the car and started on our way, already paranoid about hitting another deer. The drive back took just over 15 hours and was much easier than the drive up as we were driving through the day rather than the night.

We stopped in lots of places on the way home, mainly service stations and supermarkets to get snacks and drinks for the car. We took it in turns to sit in the front and stay awake. That was hard as traveling always makes me sleep. The drive was also easier as the weather is getting warmer and the snow thinner. We went over some amazing bridges and also past lakes and rivers change from frozen,  to partially frozen to running.


It was a pretty uneventful day, thank god. We filled the car with petrol and parked it at the airport. We arrived at the airport just after midnight and our flight was 6am. We slept on the really hard chairs until we could board. We were all sad to be leaving Sweden.

Food and Drink: Today was full of snacks from service stations. Mike and my sister demolished to many hot dogs.

The Highs: Seeing Sweden in the daylight on the drive back to the airport.

The Lows: Another 15 hour drive, we decided if we were to come again, we would either fly into Kiruna to come for longer and stay in a few places on the way up.


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