Overnight Bus To Paris – Day 1

Date: 29th March 2015

What We Did: This was our very first overnight bus and we were slightly nervous. Well I was excited as I can sleep on any form of transport, Mike on the other hand was dreading it as he is quite tall and being stuck on a bus all night was not his idea of fun. The Megabus however cost us less than £20 each return London to Paris, which we could not say no to.

The bus left London Victoria at around 8pm and it was on time. We were on a double decker bus with Wifi and charging points. It felt like it took ages to get to Dover. I of course slept all the way, Mike did not. Even though we knew you would have to get off the bus on the ferry this was hard in the middle of the night. We found sofas and had an hours sleep before getting back onto the coach.

We arrived in Paris 40 minutes ahead of schedule which would have been great if it wasn’t 5.30am. Nothing was open not even the underground stations. We decided to sit on the side of the street and wait for the underground station to open.

Food and Drink: We ate lots of snacks on the bus.

The Highs: It is one of the cheapest ways to get to Paris from London.

The Lows: It was a long night for Mike as he is unable to sleep on public transport.


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