Tower Of Terror! – Day 4

Date: 1st April 2015

What We Did: We were up early, breakfast eaten and on the shuttle bus before 9am. Today we went to Walt Disney Studio Park, to go on our favourite ride The Tower of Terror! We both love this ride as it makes us so scared before the drop. The story behind the ride is well themed along with the queue system. As always even though we knew what was coming it scared us and I screamed all the way down.

We were really excited to ride two new rides. The first was Ratatouille, which was a trackless ride… It was so good! It was as if you were the mouse running around the kitchen. You could feel heat from the oven, cold air from the fridge and even the smell of food cooking. It was really good and a very unique ride. We then rode Crush’s Coaster which was fast and reminded us of the Sonic Spin ride in Alton Towers, a theme park in the UK. It was very good but did throw you around a little and made you feel a little sick! We queued the longest amount of time for these two rides.

We then went to watch the show Animagique, which we loved. The songs were catchy and the storyline was easy to follow even in French. We watched this twice in one day as it rained and we wanted somewhere warm and dry to sit for a bit. We then decided to go for lunch in the Rainforest Café which was, as always, great.

After lunch we rode a few more rides and then got the bus back to the hotel. We walked to the shop to get some snacks for the room as we were a little hungry, this included a large pastry selection for Mike!

Food and Drink:

Breakfast At the hotel buffet, very good again.

Lunch At Rainforest Café, where we both decided for the Chicken Caesar Salad. It was massive and so nice… although it is expensive to eat here.

The Highs: Another day in Disney and riding The Tower Of Terror. I love that feeling of dread!

The Lows: It was so cold and wet today.

Up Next: Overnight bus back to London


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