Harry Potter Studio Tour London

We had wanted to do this for a long time and it was finally time to see the magic behind the books and movies. We had booked to go to the studio with transportation from London. We met the bus in Victoria and of course it had Harry Potter written all over it. It took around one hour to get out of Central London and over to the studios.

As soon as you walk in the walls are full of all the characters, I had to get an audio guide to learn even more about the making of the films.

We were then led into a cinema room to see a short film made by the characters about their time on set. All of a sudden a huge door opens and reveals the hall inside Hogwarts. It was magical. We were then left in the great hall to explore and we could tour the rest of the place on our own.

It take a lot longer than you would think to get around, especially if you have an audio guide as you want to listen to all the extra information.

The best things

  • Diagon Alley was great, with so much detail in all of the shop windows and the bank. The street was cobbled which was a nice touch.
  • The Hogwarts Express is an amazing part of the tour, you actually feel like your on the platform waiting to board. You could go onto the train and have a look in a few cabins.
  • The reveal at the end. I won’t say much more but this was by far the stand out part of the whole tour for me.
  • Snape’s Classroom with all the different potions.
  • Outside where you can have your photo with the night bus and the bridge across Hogwarts and at Harry’s House at Privet Drive.

The worst things:

  • The butter beer, which you have to try just for the selfie opportunities. However the drink is so sweet that you cannot finish it.
  • The price in the gift shop, which we did expect but things were far more expensive than we thought.


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