What To See, Do and Eat in Copenhagen

What To See

  • The Little Mermaid, of course we had to see this as its one of those touristy things everyone does. If we are honest it’s a little over hyped as it’s full of like minded tourists wanting to take the perfect photo. We watched people and looked at the little mermaid and then walked on.
  • Rosenborg Castle, this place was massive and very impressive. We didn’t go inside but walked around the gardens.

  • University Botanical Gardens, we stumbled upon this when walking up to the little mermaid. It was a really pretty place to walk around as there were many ponds, plants and flowers.
  • Kastellet, which is a star fortress and worth a walk around. From the top of the banks you get lovely views across the water.

What To Do

  • The Zoo, one of the best we have been to. We saw so many different animals including many cute young animals! The zoo is large and it takes a lot of walking to get around it, but is totally worth it. The best part was the polar bear, which you could see swimming around. We couldn’t believe how big the paws were!
  • Carlsberg Museum, we toured the different parts of the museum including the stables and brewery section. A very interesting afternoon in particular showing how big the company is now compared to when it started. With the entry price you get to try some of the beers too! We saw the room which holds a record for the most bottles of beers and at the end of the tour there is a nice bar where you can try most of the Carlsberg products.
  • Tivoli Gardens, where we spent 3 nights. There was a lot of entertainment on with different bands. The gardens was very busy but so much fun. It was a lovely place to walk around and see the different rides and parts of the gardens.
  • Boat Sightseeing Trip, this is a great way to see the different buildings, in particular the opera house which is an amazing building to look at.


What to Eat and Drink

  • Street Food, there is a whole building for different kinds of street food. It was so cool to walk around and look at all the different people cooking. It took us way to long to decide on what to eat as there was way too much choice. There is a lot of seating inside and outside and has a really chilled vibe. We loved it here.
  • MAD the Modern American Diner was great for food. We had burgers and chips and was so nice. Very cool vibe and this place is on the border of Tivoli Gardens.
  • Floras Café and Steakhouse, wow what an amazing steak. A must go to place.

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