The Big Apple – Day 1

Date: 24th October 2015

What We Did: We flew Heathrow to New York via Toronto. I think Heathrow is my favourite airport to date, it felt super relaxing and lots to so. We had a lovely breakfast and a few drinks at one of the bars. We were flying with Air Canada and the flight was great. We were very impressed with the service from Air Canada. We slept most of the way and got woken up by the people in front of us, to look out of the window. The view was amazing as we were flying over Greenland and could see the icebergs and glaciers. Worth getting woken up for!

We had a stop over in Toronto for around 2 hours. We found a bar and had a few drinks, which we were able to order from iPads. The good thing about stopping over on the way to New York is that we went through border control in Canada, and missed the queue at New York. This was great as we had heard that it could take ages to clear immigration in New York. Once we arrived at LaGuardia Airport we walked straight to baggage claim. We then joined the very long line for taxis and got taken to our hotel.

We stayed 6 nights at Hotel 31. This was a great place to stay as it was cheap and just what you needed. The room was comfy and we had a shared bathroom. We didn’t bump into anyone for the bathroom the whole 6 days and it was always really clean. The biggest plus was the location, as around the corner was the Empire State Building which we loved walking past on the way back at night to see the different colours they project on the top. Once we were checked in and dropped our bags we wanted to go and explore. It was rather late so decided to just walk and see what we could find.

The first place we got to was the library which we had seen in films such as ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. We were excited to see inside but the floor we wanted to see was shut due to maintenance. The building was very big and grand with the lion statues on the outside guarding it.

We then basically followed the bright lights to find Times Square. This was a great place to people watch and I think we visited everyday of our trip and sat on the steps to watch the world go by. It was a lot smaller than I imagined it to be, but the lights were so bright you could think it was daytime. We were now getting tired from all the travelling so decided to walk back to the hotel and have an early night, ready to explore tomorrow. On the way back we got our first glimpse of The Empire State Building all lit up, it became our favourite building.

Food and Drink:

Breakfast at Heathrow Airport in one of the cafes. Mike had a full breakfast and I had fruit with yoghurt. Very tasty and of course the beer and prosecco as it is a tradition while in the airport.

Lunch on the airline. I cannot remember what we ate but it tasted ok for airplane food.

Dinner at Uncle Sam’s Burger Bar where we both had a burger and fries. It was really good.

The Highs: Being in New York which we have wanted to visit for years. The hotel was a nice surprise as it was cheap, clean and really close to the centre.

The Lows: None!

Up Next: First day exploring and an Ice Hockey game.

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