Empire State – Day 3

Date: 26th October 2015

What We Did: We were up early again this morning and headed straight over to Cosi Café for breakfast.

Our first stop this morning was The Empire State Building, we were going to the top to see the city! What a view it was! At 86 floors above the ground we could see The Hudson, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Centre, Chrysler Building and the Flat Iron Building (Mike’s favourite building). This observation deck was outside and then we went up to the 102nd floor to see even more. From that high we could see the shape of Manhattan and all the bridges that join to the other boroughs. I am glad we got there early as it was already getting busy, make sure you leave time to look at the lobby of the building as it is so shiny and bold.

We then jumped onto the City Sightseeing Tour Bus out towards Yankee Stadium for the stadium tour. We went past Central Park, The Guggenheim and The Natural History Museum. We arrived at Yankee Stadium which looked huge but not like the stadiums we are used to in the UK. It didn’t look as flash as other stadiums which have huge billboards on the outside, it was also very cold within the stadium. It was busy and we had an hour to kill before our tour and decided to go and grab a snack and drinks from Hard Rock Café next door.

The tour was good, full of information about baseball and a lot of exhibits about the game. The way they showed the baseballs and kit was really well done. Our favourite part was Monument Park which was peaceful and celebrated the legends of baseball.

We then got back onto the Hop on Off bus and headed back towards Manhattan driving through the Bronx on the way. This is a really great way to travel around New York as you get to see a lot from the top of the bus and listen to facts about what you are seeing.

We got off the bus in Times Square and headed to the Hunger Games Experience which was included in the New York Pass. This was another great place if you enjoy the books and films. There were lots of costumes and props from the film including the dresses that Katniss wore.

We were then waiting for the night tour to start so wandered around Times Square. We went unto Toys R Us to see the large ferris wheel. I then decided to go and buy another jumper from H&M because it was so cold tonight and we knew we would be on top of the bus for a few hours.

The night tour was amazing we went through China Town and Little Italy. Our guide was full of information about the New York Skyline. It was funny because he kept telling us to remain seated, then at one point he nearly got knocked out by a road sign because they were so low. Going across the Brooklyn Bridge was bitterly cold, we were shivering. However being that cold was totally worth it for the view. The New York Skyline is amazing and I could of sat there all night looking at all the lights and skyscrapers. When we went back across the Brooklyn Bridge they played the song ‘New York State of Mind’. This is a must do in New York.

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Food and Drink:

Breakfast at Cosi Café where we both had oatmeal with all the toppings from the oatmeal bar. This is by far the best breakfast I have had and I now want a toppings bar at home for when I have porridge.

Lunch at Hard Rock Café. We never really eat at places like these that you can find in every city around the world, however there wasn’t much choice around the stadium. We shared a huge portion of nachos and drank a couple of cocktails before it was time to head into the stadium for our tour.

The Highs: The night tour on the bus was by far the best part of today. You have to see the New York skyline from Brooklyn at night. The twinkling lights are amazing and you can really see the different heights of all the buildings. Just remember to wrap up warm as it was so cold!

The Lows: Being so cold going across the Brooklyn Bridge. I don’t know what we were expecting in October but we definitely did not pack enough warm clothes for our trip.

Up Next: Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Museum

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