Basketball, Central Park and One Amazing View – Day 6

Date: 29th October 2015

What We Did:

Today was our last day in New York City and we were so sad! It has been the most amazing week and we have fallen in love with a city… we never thought that possible. Before coming over we had the image of a busier London and we were, frankly, worried. We are not keen on London, purely for the amount of people and the pace of life and that we find people are often rather rude because they are all in such a rush. We did not get this feeling in New York, it’s just amazing and we already cannot wait to come back!

Our first stop today was Madison Square Garden for the tour, which we both loved. We definitely agree with the statement that it is the best arena in the world. Within a week we have watched basketball and ice hockey at the arena and we were amazed at how fast they could transform the arena to fit different events. The tour was very informative about it’s history. We loved seeing behind the scenes and the boxes for the VIP guests. Whilst there, staff were placing T-Shirts on the chairs to celebrate the first basketball game of the season. This made us even more excited for the game we were attending that night, I mean who doesn’t like a free t-shirt?!


We then walked up to Central Park where we rented bikes. This is such a calm setting away from a busy city. You could be in any park in the world. The park itself is huge and it took a few hours to cycle around the outskirts, including the stops for photo opportunities. It is an amazing place to spend time and we enjoyed this together. It was hard work to cycle up some of the hills, mainly as the bikes we rented had no gears. The colours of the park were amazing and I highly recommend visiting in the Autumn.

We gave our bikes back and headed over to Fifth Avenue for a little wander and some window shopping. On our way we managed to see Grand Central Station which was huge and so bold. The inside looked exactly like it does in the films and it is very grand, so a fitting name


We walked down Fifth Avenue and back to the hotel to change and then we headed back over to Madison Square Garden to watch the basketball game between the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks. I love any sport that starts with a national anthem. This was our first basketball game and we really enjoyed. It was fast paced and full of fun and energy. The crowd were very loud and so enthusiastic for supporting their home team. We also got our own blue t-shirts (the ones we saw being placed on the chairs during our tour earlier).

It was late by the time the basketball finished but we had one more thing we had to tick off our list, Top of the Rock. On our walk over we stopped at the Pandora store where we bought a New York Exclusive Charm of an apple. Top of the Rock was another amazing view and this time we were looking at the night lights. We managed to catch the last elevator up to the top and it was rather quiet but very windy. I loved seeing all the buildings lit up (Empire State and Chrysler) and you could really see Times Square because of the lights coming off it.

It was past 1am by now and we had a 4am wake up call so it was time to pack our stuff and go to bed!

Food and Drink:

Breakfast at Cosi Café for the last time 😦 so I filled my oatmeal to the top with all the delicious toppings. We will miss this little café.

Lunch at Cosi Café (again! I know, I know) where we both had a salad which was so fresh and tasty. Lunch was just as good as breakfast.

The Highs: We loved ending our New York Stay with a trip to Top of the Rock. The view was amazing and we got to see all our favourite parts in one place. We have loved the Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and all the museums and memorials.

The Lows: It was our last day, that was a really big low. Another low for us was while we were enjoying the views and different things around Central Park we didn’t realise we had cycled straight past Strawberry Fields! We were gutted as by the time we noticed we were too far away and running out of time. So this is top of our list for the next time we visit.

Up Next: The White House

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