The White House – Day 7

Date: 29th October 2015

What We Did:

A 4am start in NYC was very hard. We had to finish packing our suitcases and catch a taxi over to the bus stop. As we would be flying home tomorrow morning we had to check out of our hotel and take our suitcases with us and were hoping there would be lockers available in DC for them. We caught the MegaBus from NYC to Washington DC for the day, it was cheap and easy, as it is in the UK. We found the bus stop without any issues and were soon on the way to Washington DC to see how much we could cram into one full day.

Once we arrived we bought a ticket from City Sightseeing Tours for the hop on/off bus, the best thing we did as it was rather cold and everything is pretty spread out. DC is definitely a city where everything you see is exactly like in the films. The Capitol building was the first thing we saw which was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.  I was a little disappointed in the fact the dome on the top was under construction and therefore covered with scaffolding!


Our first stop on the bus was for the National Air and Space Museum, a part of the Smithsonian Institution. This museum was amazing and great for families. We loved looking at the different aeroplanes and rockets. We spent a good hour wandering around but felt that we could of spent at least half a day here in this one museum. We will be back another day to visit more of the Smithsonian Museums. 

We then got onto another bus out to The Pentagon which is another must see! It was another impressive building that is full of mystery as you cannot get very close. On the way out to The Pentagon we saw the Air Force Memorial which was very striking.

We then went over to the Lincoln Memorial which I was so excited to visit and it lived up to the hype. Our top tip is to walk around the back of the memorial to get a really good view of the National Mall and Washington Monument. We then walked around the National Mall and stumbled upon the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial which are well worth a visit.

By this point we were running out of time and decided we had to go over to The White House next, another amazing building! The security was crazy around the White House including armed Police on the roof! There was a huge line outside full of people dressed up for Halloween, we later realised that it was for the Obama Halloween Party. Such a nice idea.


We then walked over to the Washington Monument. We didn’t realise that you could go to the top and have also added this to the list of next time.


We made our way back to the bus station ready for our bus back to NYC. We stopped at Shake Shack to try their burgers and got on the bus for the long journey. We arrived back in NYC at around 1am and instead of booking a hotel for 5 hours we decided we would sleep in the airport….. not our best idea! The check in desks were closed and therefore had to sleep at the front of the airport on the floor, though Mike did sleep for a while at the check in desk on the platform that weighs your baggage! It saved us around £100 but it was hard just before a long haul flight.

Food and Drink:

Dinner: Shake shack where we both had a burger, fries and a milkshake. These were really good but so filling in particular the milkshake.

As you can see it was a one meal kind of day as we had so much to fit into a day.

The Highs: I don’t know why but we thought we wouldn’t want to come back to DC after seeing the main sights, we were wrong! We loved the city and have said next time we will stay a few days and take advantage of all the museums and other things it has to offer. We were nicely surprised by this, a beautiful city.

The Lows: Not having enough time to explore the whole city!


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