Top 10 in New York City

  1. Ice Hockey/Basketball at Madison Square Garden, to be honest anything in the best arena in the world. The whole place was amazing and the atmosphere was buzzing! We loved watching our very first basketball and ice hockey games as well as our tour of Madison Square Garden. Remember to wrap up warm for the hockey and get fully involved in all of the antics.
  2. Hop on/off bus, we used City Sightseeing, it was really good a value and a brilliant way to see the city while also travelling. We hate using the underground systems in any city as we don’t get to see any of the city! We didn’t mind being stuck in traffic as we had time to look at all of the impressive buildings and sights around us. It is a great way to visit all the boroughs and get to the further out places such as the Yankee Stadium and Brooklyn. The best part was the night tour, where you go over the Brooklyn Bridge to see the skyline at night, very impressive.
  3. New York Pass This was the best thing we bought before in advance. We like to book as much as possible before we fly out to a city. That way we know exactly how much spending money we would need. The New York Pass was great as it got us into all the attractions that we wanted to visit. It was great to sit in a café and look through the guide and decide where we would go next. We easily made our money on this.
  4. The views from above, you cannot visit the city, or any city for that matter, without getting a bird’s eye view. New York City has three of the best observation floors within The Empire State Building, Top of the Rock and One World Trade Centre. All of these have amazing views, all are different and need to be experienced. I can’t choose the best one and I would still visit all three on my next visit, though you should do at least one during the night!
  5. 9/11 Memorial This was another place we visited and would recommend. The sense of loss is huge by the memorial pools and the mood is quite sombre. The museum is very insightful and shows the great work by all the emergency services during that tragic day. There is a huge sense of pride and hope that really does come through. Just please though don’t be that family taking a selfie – not cool!
  6. Statue of Liberty An obvious and of course is a must see but unless you have tickets to go into the crown I would suggest getting your pictures from the boat as it saves a huge amount of time. We felt it was one of those places that you see just to say you have seen it and is a little bit of an anti-climax in comparison with say the Empire State Building. If you don’t have tickets to go inside then you won’t be able to do much on the island, instead spend your time on Ellis Island which walks you through the history. From Ellis Island you also get a great view of the New York Skyline.
  7. Times Square Just sit on the red steps and people watch. We did this most nights for an hour after a long day of walking and loved just watching all the people sightseeing, working and shopping. Another great place is the TKTS booth under the steps where you get cheap theatre tickets. Great value!
  8. Central Park Specifically by bike! The park is massive and you would not believe how long it takes to cycle around the outside and visit all the places within the park. We did not leave enough time for this and we unfortunately missed Strawberry Fields! Please leave plenty of time! The bike ride is easy and pretty flat. You would not believe that you were in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.
  9. Wandering around That’s how we found most of our favourite places, like Cosi Café and Raw Steakhouse. We just walked and on every block we stumbled into something we wouldn’t have otherwise seen or experienced.
  10. Take a Day Trip For us we caught the Mega Bus to Washington DC for the Day. It was nice to get out NYC for a bit as it is so busy and can feel compact. We loved our day trip and would highly recommend visiting DC. It was a long and tiring day but totally worth it just to see the White House. Though there are lots of options for day trips…depending on how adventurous you are!

HUGE TIP: We got carried away and basically forgot to drink and eat enough, we just got caught up in exploring, resulting in us being rather ill once we flew back home. We were exhausted from all the fast pace sightseeing we managed to squeeze into 7 days. Please drink plenty and remember to eat!


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