Top 10 Tips for Cruising

  1. Most important tip is to make sure you get off the ship and see the world! Cruising is the perfect opportunity to visit small islands for a whole day. We are not big on all inclusive beach holidays and therefore find a day on the islands enough to see the main sights. It is also a great opportunity to have a taster and know if you would like to come back and explore more! We love to cruise as we can cross so many countries off our travel bucket list. On our cruises we have met people who stay on the ship when it is docked at port because they want to go to pool and just sit by the bar… don’t be that guy, please get off and explore!
  2. Take part in the dress up nights, they are so much fun. We loved the black tie events where we got to wear cocktail dresses and tuxedos. This made it fun to get ready and made nights feel more special. We loved watching other people also to see what they were wearing. Some spectacular suits and dresses!
  3. Try different dining experiences, it is worth the small cover charge! We have really enjoyed the high end restaurants on both of our cruises and would highly recommend paying the small fee. The food is unique and so tasty. Its also a way to get out of the main dining room especially on a longer cruises.
  4. Look at the planner each day. Cruise lines will give you a guide for the next day on what is happening. These are important as they state the times you are in port, clock changes, activities around the ship and dress codes. These will also give the list of daily entertainment. Every night we would look at it together and decide on what we wanted to do the following day. This makes sure you don’t miss out on anything!
  5. Sun cream and more sun cream. We managed to burn on both our cruises even though (we thought) we had put enough on. The Caribbean is hot no matter what time of year it is and you will burn without it. You are also more likely to burn on the ship as you are surrounded by only water, so shade is hard to come by!
  6. Walk around the ship late at night to explore when it is the most quiet. It was these nightly walks where we found new things such as the adult only pool, quiet hidden bars and shuffle board! It is also cooler and so quiet.
  7. Keep an eye on the pennies! The cruise ships are cashless and everything is charged to your room through your room keycard. It is easy to get a little excited by this and get carried away. We were watching people buy bottles and bottles of wine with their food every night and some bills were thousands of pounds by the end of the cruise. Make sure you keep looking at your bill so you don’t get a shock on the last day.
  8. Avoid the front desk the day before disembarkation at all costs. It was so busy and we were wondering why. We overheard someone saying it’s because everyone has received their bill that day. People are shocked on how much they have spent and were going to query or complain on that day! Some of the complaints we overheard were incredible and clearly an attempt to cut down on their bills!
  9. Relax! I feel like it is the only holiday in which I truly relax so the sea days are a welcome break from the miles of walking and exploring which our holidays usually involve. The ships have spas and adult only pools with Jacuzzis. It was also where I caught up on a lot of sleep!
  10. HAVE FUN!! Get engrossed in the cruise ship and everything it offers. There is nothing quite like it!

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