Summer Adventure – Day 1-3, Zadar

Date: 13th/14th/15th August 2016

Where We Stayed:  We had been to Croatia previously, back in 2012 and we loved it. We decided to explore more of this beautiful country and flew into Zadar for the first stop of our Summer adventure! We were staying in an Airbnb called Apartment “Rustic Barkajol” Centre. This was an amazing room with en-suite bathroom bang in the centre. The owners were lovely and very accommodating. They met us off the bus from the airport, even though we were over an hour late. The room was perfect and nicely decorated.


Must See and Do:

  • We walked along the front until we could hear what sounded like chimes and music. This was the Sea Organ, which was amazing. Underneath the steps there are marble tubes carved that the waves hit to create an amazing sound like an organ. We sat here for ages whilst in Zadar listening to the relaxing sounds.
  • Another great sight was the Greeting to the Sun, which are solar powered lights. In the day the sun would charge them and by night it would be lit in different colours. This was another really cool concept and we loved sitting on the Sea Organ steps while watching all the lights.
  • We walked around the harbour, which was across a large bridge. It was very hot while doing this and the walk was a lot longer than we thought! We wanted to see what looked like a lighthouse and all the large yachts in the port. We didn’t have to walk back either as we could give a few euros to a guy who would then row you over to the other side of the harbour! This was great fun and he was very friendly.
  • Get lost in the little streets! We do this everywhere we go, we just walk for miles just taking everything in. This is usually how we stumble across nice restaurants or bars. We saw a lot of the beautiful town with all its marble floors. TOP TIP! Make sure you take suitable footwear, I took foam flip flops and was sliding across the floors. You definitely need something with a bit of grip.
  • Zadar is known for one of the best sunsets in the world, it was rather spectacular. We sat on the sea organ steps one evening to watch it. You do need to get there early as it fills out pretty fast for sunset with an extreme amount of tripods! One minute we were on our own and the next thing there were hundreds of others. The sunset is beautiful and should not be missed.

Food and Drink:

  • The thing we liked to do most last time we were in Croatia was to buy a takeaway pizza and cheap beers from a corner shop and go and sit on the harbour to enjoy them, a perfect accompaniment to the sunset. This is what we decided to do on our first night back in Croatia! The pizza in Croatia is amazing and readily available. It’s a big shout but… it’s probably the best I have tasted. 
  • Restaurant 2Ribara which was a fish restaurant that we found on Trip advisor. We decided on the fish platter to share. It was so fresh and tasty and we liked all the different fish. I would highly recommend! We ordered salad and wine to go with the fish.


  • Garden Lounge was one of our favourite places for a snack and cocktails. It is in the most amazing setting where they have different seating options from table and chairs, sofas and day beds. We went here nearly every day to chill out and try their delicious cocktails. The snacks were amazing everything is vegan friendly and raw. The food was so good. We tried their spring rolls, veg sushi and “chocolate” pudding. This is a must do the day is chilled out and relaxing and the night had music and a DJ playing.
  • Bistro Pjat was another unique place to eat. It was in one of the small streets in the main part of town. We had mussels to share which were amazing and came with a basket of bread. I dream of this meal and cant wait to go back to Zadar to go again…just for this!

The Highs: We liked the fact that Zadar was not full of tourists. We felt as if in a few years time it will be one of the places to be. It was nice though not having to deal with an over crowded town which we had for the rest of our time in Croatia.

The Lows: No lows. We loved Zadar and will be back!

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