Prague Sightseeing

This is what we got up to in Prague:

  • Astronomical Clock This has to be the top of the list when ever you visit Prague. It is amazing to see especially brilliant to see on the hour. Make sure you take the time to look at all the little details. There is a lot of history and facts about this clock. TOP TIP! it’s likely to be really busy around the hour time, this is when we first visited and as there is not a lot of room and it is very cramped. We were lucky to be stood by a tour group and learned a lot even though we never payed for the tour! Winner!
  • Prague Zoo According to Trip Advisor this zoo is number 5 on the best zoo in the world list. Amazing! I can believe it, this zoo is definitely up there with the best. The zoo is so cheap compared to the UK and huge! It is a full days worth of exploring and the walk is lovely around the whole zoo. The animals look well looked after and they had plenty of room. It is also really cheap at the zoo where we were eating, 50p hotdogs and crepes!
  • Charles Bridge or as we like to call it the Charlie Bridge! We walked home this way every night just so we could go over it. We found at night it was less crowded and didn’t have all the street sellers and, therefore, more room and time to stop and take photos.  I liked the way the bridge looked at night as the statues became mysterious and spooky in their shadows! I try and get an exclusive Pandora charm in different countries and Prague’s was the Charles Bridge. YES!!
  • Kutna Hora we booked this trip through Viator and turned out to be a great day even though a little grim in places. We went by mini bus and the first stop was the bones inside Sedlec Ossuary which is listed as an UNESCO site. This place is quite possibly the strangest place I have been to. We learned that the graveyard was a popular site for burials but also very small and when it became full they decided to dig up the skeletons and make them into decorations for the inside of the church. When you walk in you can see that it wasn’t just a few decorations the whole inside of the church was covered in bones and skulls. It was eerie and there was a musty smell in the cold dark church. It was interesting but weird at the same time. We couldn’t stop looking at all the details from the ceiling to the altar. We then went onto the Gothic style St Barbara’s Church which looked so grand from the outside. The stain glass windows are amazing in this Church and have so much detail in them. Our tour guide was full of information and facts about the Church and we really enjoyed walking around. It was then onto the mint where we learned the long and taxing job of making money back in the day. The day was full of wander and we highly recommend it. We payed about £35 for the tour and was with Prague Sightseeing Tours.
  • Dancing House is another must see while in Prague. We saw it while walking home one evening. Such a strange place we stood there for ages wondering what the rooms inside are like. Do they have sloping walls? The building is also referred to as Fred and Ginger and there is a restaurant at the top.


  • Petrin Hill This place was found online by Mike and was a lovely yet long walk up to the top. You can also take the small cable car up. At the top of the hill you have the Petrin Tower which you are able to climb for a small price. We decided that the view on the way up the hill was enough as we could see the whole of Prague. It’s a lovely walk if the weather is on your side. We then did the usual thing of looking at the Castle and deciding “you must be able to walk from here over to it”. It took a while but the views were incredible and worth it.
  • Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral is another top attraction and something you have to do while in Prague. The castle looks amazing no matter where you are stood in the city. The castle is lit up beautifully at night. We saw the changing of the guard outside the castle which was cool. TOP TIP! Get there early the crown gets insane. We were in a queue for about an hour and that was just to get through the airport style security. We then had to queue again for tickets. There are a number of different ticket options and we went for the cheapest! We only wanted to walk around and see the Cathedral. Make sure you go into the Cathedral as the stained glass windows are so bright. TOP TIP! You can get into the Cathedral without paying anything, but you are not able to walk around to whole Cathedral, but it gives you a good enough view of the windows and design. It is huge inside and looks rather impressive from the outside. We then walked through a small village like place where you could see the military uniforms and weapons from different times. The gardens are another must as they give some of the best views of Prague.
  • Vex Novomestske Radnice Tower This was our view from up high that we like to do everywhere we visit. Instead of queueing up for hours for the tower in the main square we went to this tower. It was quite the climb through an attic with wooden beams. I actually thought we may die at the top as the stairs had huge gaps. The views were incredible though and we loved the fact that we had the whole place to ourselves.
  • Beer Spa The best experience of our travels so far. The funniest and most unique hour of my life. When we first saw the shop we were a little nervous of what we were getting ourselves into. Once we were checked in we got to relax in the front for a while with of course beers. We looked at all the things the beer spa sold from beer mats to shampoo. Then it was our turn to go into the spa. We were shown what went into the baths which included hops, barley and a cup of beer. They then set a timer for an hour and leave you to it. You get the whole room to yourselves which includes a bathroom with shower, the hot tubs and a straw bed. You get 30 minutes in the hot tubs which were amazing, to top it off there is a beer tap attached to the bath. We drank way to much in the hour! It took around 40 minutes to stop taking photos and laughing. We were in hysterics for most of the time. Before we knew it the time was up and we had to get dressed and filled our cups for another drink in the reception. Totally worth every penny and a memory we will always remember and laugh about. Can’t wait to come again!


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