Prague a Guide to Eating and Drinking

We ate and drank our way around Prague, drinking a lot of beer in particular because it was cheaper then the soft drink option usually! We also ate a lot of food too. Here are the places we visited:

  • Mad Bar was very close to our hotel. We didn’t realise that we were in the city for their Independence Day and therefore could not get into any bars or restaurants as they were full. We ended up trying this place by accident but we were pleasantly surprised. We both had beer burger sliders with beers and a cocktail. It was good but not the best we had during our time in Prague.
  • Restaurant Mlejnice There was one thing we had to eat while we were in Prague and that was goulash. What better way to have it than in a bowl made from bread! We of course had beers to go with it.  This was delicious and the bread was also made in house. It also cost pennies. We will be back!


  • Pod Petrinem is another truly authentic Czech restaurant. This one was also close to our hotel and really cheap. Our hotel was in the Mala Strana area and we highly recommend staying here as your really close to the centre but also far enough out that it is cheaper. This restaurant had no English menu and the server translated very loosely. So we just picked something and a beer. You know somewhere is good when it is full of Czech people.
  • The PUB was so cool. We visited here twice during our week stay. This is the perfect bar for groups of friends. Each table has its own beer tap where you can pour yourself a beer. On the back wall it shows how many litres of beer each table has drank and put them in order. They then also put how many litres of beer the PUB 1 has drank against others in the chain. It’s so much fun to watch, while we were there a group of boys were on one of the tables and you could see how many litres they had drank on the board. Everything is done with the touch of  a button from ordering food to music. We really liked the chilled atmosphere and pub food was just what we needed to soak up all that beer.
  • Pivovar Narodni Brewery We walked past this bar everyday on our way into town. It always caught our eye as it looked really nice with the black and gold contrast on the front of the building. We called it the lion bar as it had a lion on the sign and our limited grasp of Czech pronunciation! We stopped for a few beers one day and really enjoyed the atmosphere. They make their own beer on site and you could see the brewing facilities in the back of the building. They cook some of the food on an open fire too, which means it was very hot inside.
  • La Casa We stumbled over this small bar on our walk and decided to give it a try because it was heavily advertising rum, our favourite. We were not impressed with this place as the price was high and drinks were average. It was too quiet inside too and therefore no atmosphere.


  • Cantina This was our favourite place for the week in Prague. We always love Mexican food and love a round of nachos. We had nachos to share as a starter which were massive and fully loaded with sour cream and guacamole. The next course we decided on fajitas which were the best I have ever tasted. The bowl of toppings was amazing and included refried beans, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, salad and cheese. I was stuffed after eating them but they were so good. We skipped pudding and decided on having a round of shots instead. We also managed a round of beers and cocktails, the margaritas to die for. It was reasonably priced and full of locals. A great find and number 1 place to eat on Prague for us.
  • Gingerbread Museum These were dotted around the city and every time I went past one I needed to buy a very small gingerbread man or one with jam inside. These were so sweet and super tasty.


  • Anonymous Bar is hands down the best cocktail bar I have ever been to. The most amazing atmosphere, staff and cocktail menu. I had read a little bit online about this bar and was excited to try it. We went one evening after searching for the place for ages, it is hidden pretty well down a narrow alleyway. Inside the bar the atmosphere is dark and moody. You are given menus to look at the huge range of cocktails on offer. TOP TIP! ask for the hidden menu which Mike had to drink a shot first before being able to receive a blue light. This blue light let you read the menu that was written in invisible ink. We then had to answer a question related to the gunpowder plot to get the next menu on a type of kaleidoscope. Each slide had a different cocktail. The cocktails were original and themed to perfection. Absolutely worth the price, which wasn’t too expensive for the quality of the drinks.
  • Choco Café  We had read about the Chocolate Cafes on Trip Advisor and wanted to try it out. I did the biggest error and ordered chocolate cake and a hot chocolate. The chocolate was so rich that it just stuck to you mouth and you found it hard breath!… It was amazing though. My hot chocolate was literally melted chocolate that was hot which I added ginger to.
  • Be Bop Bar is another cocktail bar that we recommend. It is in the lobby of a hotel but have some really fun creations. We had so much fun ordering the cocktails and waiting to see how each is presented.
  • Lemon Leaf We went here on our last night, it is a small Thai restaurant which was lovely. We had spring rolls and Pad Thai which was amazing and very well priced.
  • MLS Creperie U Kajetana An absolute must while in Prague is the trudelnik. This is where they wrapped dough around a stick and placed it on a gear system which turns and cooks them perfectly. They then dip it in cinnamon sugar and put Nutella on the inside. They are the most amazing things and think we ate one every day. This little café was great as they filled them with different fillings such as apples and ice cream, they also have some amazing coffees. Equally there are a number of stalls around the city selling them, just make sure that you get a fresh one and not one that’s been sat out for ages!


  • Prague Beer Museum Here they sell so many beers on tap. The menu is huge. We decided to buy small samples of beer to try. We tried the real Deal Ale, Modura Lune, Kingswood Cider, Kocour, Svijany Maz, Merli, Porter, Demon, Matuska. This was a great experience. Not the cheapest beer you’ll drink in Prague and as you can imagine a bit of a tourist trap but definitely worth a visit!



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