Las Vegas – Day 1

Date: 4th August 2017

This is a three week adventure, during which we will visit the very different playgrounds of Las Vegas followed by Walt Disney World. We would spend 6 nights in Las Vegas with a our mate Kayleigh then we would move to Orlando for 16 nights. We have planned for months and now it was here, we were so excited.

Airport and Flight

We were flying from Heathrow with British Airways. We spent time in the lounge before our flight which was nice and relaxing. Then it was time to board. We were rather disappointed with British Airways when you consider the amount you pay for a flight. Our flights were about £1000 and we did not receive the best service. The first problem we had was that Mike’s entertainment system was not working and when we told the crew they did not seem bothered and did not try to solve the problem. It is a long flight without entertainment so we kept having to swap seats depending on which of us wanted a nap. The next thing was there was a large group of people at the back of the plane drinking and having fun, which was not a problem but the crew didn’t stop serving them booze until it was far to late and they were being sick and falling over. It felt like none of the crew wanted to speak to the group as they just shut the curtains on our cabin and ignored us. The food was good and my friend is a vegan and her food looked better than ours! We also sank a few G&T’s on the way out. We were on the way to Vegas after all!


To save time looking for a taxi or ordering an Uber we booked our taxi in advance through Viator. It was called Las-Vegas Airport Round Trip Transfer offered by Bell Trans. It was easy to find and was quick and easy from door to door. It gave us our first views of the strip and the massive hotels.


For this trip we wanted to be on the strip but not pay a fortune as we would only be using the hotel to sleep. We decided to stay in The Stratosphere, which was amazing. Check in was easy and we had to pay the rest of the charge as we had booked using and didn’t have to pay the total upfront. They gave us our keys and pointed at elevators through the casino. Our room was huge with two double beds and a big bathroom. We were at the end of the corridor with the vending and ice machine which came in handy. The best part of the room though was the view fro the massive windows that were tinted and therefore not to bright.


Our First Night 

We were desperate to get out and explore so after quick showers and a change we headed out. I had read that even though you can see the strip the Stratosphere is a long way from the other hotels. We decided to catch the Deuce which acts as a hop on/off bus up and down the strip and also goes to downtown. This was cheap and did the job and was air conditioned to the max, we were freezing. The only down side is you’re stuck in traffic for most of the journey. we got as far as we could bare and jumped off to continue on foot!

The first hotel we came across was the New York New York. It looked like a lego city, the details were amazing on the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building. They also have a rollercoaster that goes through the hotel. We walked around the inside and saw the casino and different shops, cafes and restaurants. Then we came across a bar that sold frozen drinks. We were in! TOP TIP! You are allowed to drink on The Strip so take your drinks to go as you will see a lot more than sat at a bar. The drinks were strong and nice and cold seems as it was around 30 degrees outside.

We then walked over to the Excalibur Hotel, which looked like a Castle. We weren’t as keen on this hotel on the inside… it looked rather dated. We walked around with our drinks and then headed out. The next hotel we went to was the Luxor (which is a pyramid). We loved this hotel and said we would stay here next time! The inside is exactly how you would imagine it and the elevators go diagonally up the sides of the pyramid. The beam of light that comes out of the top of the pyramid is one of the strongest in the world and can be seen from 270 miles away by planes. It is also decked out in all kinds of Egyptian decorations, such as a Sphinx outside the main entrance. We were feeling the jet lag now and it was around 11pm so decided to call it a night.

Distance Walked: 4.29miles

Up Next: Kayleigh goes to find Aliens and we explore the strip

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