Exploring the Strip – Day 2

Date: 5th August 2017

Alien Hunting

Kayleigh went on a tour booked through Viator which meant she was up and ready really early and back in the evening. It was a long drive to Area 51, one of the most secretive places on the planet. Kayleigh said the tour was awesome and there was only another two people on it. She was able to ask lots of questions and the knowledgeable guide could answer them for her. The tour stopped at the airport to see the planes that go into Area 52 everyday. There was a stop at The Extra Terrestrial Highway sign, Little A’Le’Inn where they had lunch. Unfortunately not geared for a Vegan so Kayleigh went straight for the souvenirs.  They went onto Area 51 where they saw the fences with and the guards up on the hill. Kayleigh really enjoyed her day and said it was really worth it.

file(3).jpg The Strip

While Kayleigh was searching for Aliens we were left to explore the strip. The first thing we did was go to IHOP for breakfast. We had read about this place in blogs and watched people visit on You Tube. We were so excited for the amazing pancakes on offer. We both had the breakfast sampler which came with a side of pancakes we chose blueberry and Red Velvet. They were the best pancakes ever but so filling.

After the pancakes and sugar rush we decided to walk down the strip to the places we wanted to see and get the Deuce back to meet Kayleigh off her tour. The first place we stopped at was the Circus Circus resort. This hotel had great theming as it actually looks like a circus tent however is a little dated. We walked around and took in the sights at the Adventure dome, which is a theme park inside a glass house. It was freezing in there with all the air con being pumped in!

Next up was Fashion Show Mall where I wanted to get a Vegas inclusive Pandora charm. On the way up the escalators you got a perfect view of the Wynn Hotel. Once we were inside I wasn’t keen on any of the charms and decided against buying one. We went to Bath and Body Works and bought the hand sanitizer which is really popular here. I had also heard a lot about Sephora which is like a department store just for make up and is really cool on the inside.

TOP TIP!  Everything in Las Vegas is spread out, you think you can see a hotel and can walk to it. You are probably wrong especially in 40 degree heat. Keep this in mind when planning as it takes a long time to cover a few hotels including the time to get from each. It took us a while to work out how to cross the road at some points, as you have to wait for the bridges to cross. Sometimes this meant double backing on yourself. Some of the best views are from the bridges.

By this point it was way past lunch time and we headed over to the Linq. We crossed the road and were getting very hot so went into the Venetian for a look around. It was crazy how the Rialto bridge and tower look so similar to Venice. The inside was decorated beautifully with lots of art work. What really amazed us was we went up escalators to find a canal with gondolas. It was a nice hour in the air con. We headed over here for the In’N’Out Burgers. Another thing we had heard about that these burgers are only made on the West Coast, where it is Five Guys on the East. This place is so busy we had to queue give our order (a double double) and then wait for our number to be called. It took a while, the only seats that were left were outside… in the sun… it was so hot! So we ate our burgers and in our opinion Five Guys is better, then we went across the street to AmeriCAN. It was a cool little bar where you could play games and drink canned beers. They had so many options to try, the menu was huge. They had an American flag made out of every states plates which was awesome. We sat in the air con and watched the world go by.

We then walked over to Ceasar’s Hotel which was just as impressive as the Venetian. The ceiling is to be admired in this hotel as it is painted like a blue sky and gives the shopping centres a different atmosphere. It was a lovely part to be in and out of the sun for a while. We walked around and then sat in the head shaped seats to people watch. We then found a bar called Rhumbar where we had a few cocktails before getting the Deuce back to meet Kayleigh.

 TOP TIP! If you like being hot and in such a busy area you can’t move, come to Vegas on a Saturday Night. It was our least favourite night of the week because it was so busy you could hardly walk on the pavement and the heat killed us. Little did we know that that night they had a huge storm. We didn’t last long and headed back to the hotel. We have to be up at 3am to get out flight to LA. 

Miles Walked Today: 10.41

Miles Walked All Together: 14.70

Up Next: Day Trip to LA

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