Day Trip to LA – Day 3

DATE:  6th August 2017

PLAN:  So we looked at numerous tours via buses to LA which cost a fortune and you only got such a little amount of time there. We also looked at hiring a car but were nervous about the parking and getting around LA. So we looked at flights which got us there faster even with the time at the airport before. So that is what we did we flew out at around 6am and flew back at 9pm and it cost about £60 return. Bargain!

RANT: So our flight was at like 6 am from Vegas to LAX. We had booked a Bell Trans Transfer and it had the time 3.30am on the ticket. So we get outside at 3.20am and waited for 20 minutes with no sign of a transfer. Went to the front desk to phone and was informed we had missed our transfer as our tickets state to be ready 15 minutes before. So why does the ticket say 3.30am and not 3.15am! Really angry! So they get us on the 4am bus but now can not guarantee we will make the flight. Great! So after a very nervous drive to the airport and a rush through security at such an awful hour we finally got onto the plane. We were flying with delta and they were really good. RANT OVER!

Our Day in LA

  • UBER When we arrived at the Airport we decided to get an Uber into the centre as we only had one day in the city. The Uber was cheap, picked you up from the airport door and quick. Our driver was amazing and talked about the city and recommended a place for breakfast which was where we headed first.
  • BREAKFAST The café was called Mel’s Drive-in and was amazing! We had poached eggs and avocado on toast and house made juice. We loved the juice so much that we all ordered another glass before leaving. We knew this would probably be the best meal all day as we didn’t have much time. Highly recommend this place and it was walking distance from the Dolby Theatre.
  •  Hollywood Walk of Fame We could not believe how many stars there are in Hollywood. It was crazy we kept walking and walking and they never seemed to end. It was really quiet when we first got there as it was around 8am. This changed quickly and by midday you could hardly move. TOP TIP! If there is a star you want to see make sure you research where it is before you go, it took us hours to find certain stars. It was quite surreal to be in Hollywood and looking at the stars that you most often see on telly. The only thing …we felt it was quite dirty  around the Hollywood area, I think it is made out to be this shiny place on the telly but when you arrive it is nothing like that.
  • Grauman’s Chinese Theatre We enjoyed this more than the Walk of Fame. It was so much fun to compare hand and shoe sizes with the stars and find unique ones such as the Star Wars gang. It is rather difficult to find a lot of them as it is busy and some are now showing their age. The theatre itself was incredible and looked so impressive. This is another must see in LA!
  • Hollywood Sign We didn’t have much time in LA and knew it would be to much of a push to get over to the Hollywood sign so we started researching and watching vlogs on where we could see it. We finally decided on the walkway in the Hollywood & Highland Centre Mall. There was a great view from here, you could see it clearly which showed how big the sign was. TOP TIP!  We went early to beat the crowds however we found that it was a little hazy and couldn’t see it very well which means we had to come back at around midday.
  • Drinks As we were trying to find Johnny Cash’s star we needed some Wi-Fi in our lives and stopped in a bar for a few drinks and to raid the internet. After we ordered our margaritas at Cabo Wabo Cantina we learned that they did not have Wi-Fi. Epic fail! So we drank a couple of drinks and chatted to the bar guy who then looked on his phone at where the star was. The drinks and service was really good.


  • Hop On/Off Bus We used the City Sightseeing company and they were brilliant. We found the office and bought tickets and got on the first stop with was the Dolby Theatre. From the top deck we could see all the street performers while we were waiting to start. TOP TIP! If you’re sat on the top deck make sure you wear a hat and have sun cream. You don’t realise how hot it gets because of the breeze while moving. I know this is what made me feel really ill for the rest of the day with heat exhaustion! The views of all the different buildings was great with commentary through your head phones. It was lovely to see the sea getting closer to. We think this is the best way to see a city and learn lots.
  • Santa Monica Pier Yet another place made famous by films and TV Shows. We enjoyed it here but is was so busy that it was hard to see or do anything really. We took photos and took in the views from the end of the pier. We then walked down the beach which was lovely.
  • Venice Beach We spent hours here people watching, in particular the couples doing yoga and acrobatics. You can easily waste a whole day here people watching. There is such a mix of people from bodybuilders, skaters and tourists trying out the gym equipment. A must see! We couldn’t think of anything worse in this heat!
  • Dinner We were getting hungry and by this point I was feeling really ill and was in need of some water. We found a small shack selling Mexican food. It was called Cha Cha Chicken and was really good. We drank water and watermelon juice and all had some sort of nachos and wraps. They were really tasty and we loved the juice.
  • Wi-Fi Issues We were by this point tired and hot and needed to head back to the airport. We could not find Wi-Fi anywhere to order an Uber. All the bars had locked Wi-Fi or it didn’t work. This was really annoying and we were getting to the point where we had to leave to make our flight. As we were getting angry because there was no shade and we needed to rest we just jumped into a taxi. It didn’t cost much and took us right to the door.

We were so glad to have made the effort to get out to LA and for us one day was enough. We enjoyed but it wasn’t a place we thought we would go again. It is definitely a city of “I have been there and seen that”. It didn’t leave a lasting impression.

Miles Walked: 9.69

Total Miles Walked: 24.69

Up Next: Grand Canyon Adventure


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