The Grand Canyon – Day 4

This was the one place we had to see while staying in Vegas. We knew it was far away and wanted to book the perfect tour where you get as much time as possible at the Canyon, even if it cost a little more than the standard tours. We also knew we didn’t want to go to the glass walk way area which is really busy with tourists. We wanted to go to the South Rim.

We found a tour group online called Grand-Adventures and they were amazing from start to finish. We booked the Sunset Tour and it was simple to do and even ordered a vegan lunch with no problem.

Why We Toured With

  • They use minivans to travel in and therefore only have groups of up to 10 people. This is amazing as it means the tour will run on time as your not waiting for 50 people to return back to the coach. It also makes the travel time less and you get more tailored information. We were able to ask our guide anything and we had such a laugh with him.
  • You are at the Grand Canyon for 3 full hours which was the only company to offer this. We wanted as much time to explore as possible especially because it is such a long drive there and back.
  • As the group size is so small we were able to stop at the Hoover Dam, Seligman and multiple toilet stops.
  • Did you not read its a SUNSET tour which National Geographic have stated as one of the top 10 places to see a sunset in the world. Definitely worth a look then!
  • Everything was easy and ready. The lunch is tasty and we had water supplied for the whole journey. They had thought of everything and we enjoyed every minute.
  • Our tour guide was absolutely amazing. Chad knew so much about the Grand Canyon and took some amazing photos for us. He knew the best spots and angles for every photo.

9am This was our pick up time outside our hotel. The bus was on time and the driver and tour guide for day very nice and full of information about Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We first went to Mc Donald’s for breakfast, we are not ones to go here in the UK. However, the American chain is so much better. We had biscuits and yoghurts with juice and tea and was all lovely. Funniest thing was listening to Kayleigh try and order a vegan meal. In the end she had porridge with water and they gave her a yoghurt which made us laugh so much.

THE DRIVE was long! The scenery is pretty much the same all the way as its all flat and within the desert. It did give us time to discuss our plans for the next few days and what we have enjoyed so far. We stopped for a bathroom and break and bought snacks and drinks for the rest of the journey.


We had a small photo stop at the Hoover Dam. Chad knew a lot about the Dam and where the energy goes. In particular California rely on the Hoover Dam for their energy. This was an area we had seen on TV and film and we were really excited about it. The Dam is huge and what you see on the TV does not do it justice. Chad helped us all take photos and was ready to answer any questions we had. It was interesting to hear about the construction of the Dam as there were no safety regulations such as harnesses to protect the workers.


This is the stop Mike had been talking about for months. Seligman is famous for the film Cars as the producer spent a lot of time here and has based the characters of actual people from the town. Mike really wanted to go and see Mater and the cars that feature in the film. Seligman is also on route 66 and there are a lot of small shops that sell souvenirs. This was a cute little stop where we got some really good pictures.


We arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park where we saw it for the first time. Chad gave is a quick rundown of what the plan was and a few facts about the area. We were given a short amount of time to toilet and look in the shop. We needed souvenirs of course, we collect magnets and postcards! We then took photos of the Canyon and spent some time looking at it. Then it was time for lunch, a picnic with the best view. Lunch was provided on the tour which consisted of fresh deli sandwiches, crackers and cheese, grapes, cookies and water. The sandwiches were amazing and full of meat, cheese and salad. We were really full and ready for our hike.



The most breath-taking and beautiful views I have ever seen. The photos do not do it justice and you have to visit to get the true sense of the Grand Canyon. There is no concept of how big the Grand Canyon is when you are stood at the top. Chad was asking us to find the river which was a small dot in the distance and he then said that the river on average is 1 mile wide! The views went on for miles and it never got old. Chad was brilliant at taking amazing pictures and knew the best spots and how to shoot some funny shots. At one point he steps off the edge and gave us all a heart-attack as he disappeared, he knew there was a ledge below to step onto of course! It was also hilarious to watch our friend Kayleigh go to the edge and get stuck as she is scared of heights. This meant Chad had to go and get her to walk back. We were in stitches.


I can see why The Grand Canyon is one of the top ten sunsets in the world according to National Geographic. It definitely rivals the one in the middle of the Atlantic. We sat on the rocks and watched as the sun dipped. We had amazing scenes of the sun beams through the canyon, followed by the colours changing from brown to orange. The shadows became darker and the sky somehow brighter. This part of the tour was rather busy but not so busy you couldn’t move. We were so glad we chose the Sunset tour and experienced it. This is by far the best tour we have ever taken. As the sun dipped below the horizon it was time to head back to Vegas. It was a long and tiring day but one we will always remember.

Miles Walked: 4.57

Miles Walked altogether: 29.26

Up Next: Big Day/Night out in Vegas


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