One Messy Day/Night Out in Vegas – Day 5

Date: 8th August 2017

We started the morning with pancakes from the IHop!. We knew we were going to need a good breakfast to last us through today. We were celebrating Kayleigh’s birthday and had a few things plan …most of which involved alcohol. Today was the day we had planned for our big night out on the strip. We would also meet up with Jonathon who was best man at our wedding.

  • The Last Vegas Sign was our first stop this morning. It was rather early and already nearly hitting 40 degrees. We got an Uber from the stratosphere to the sign. TOP TIP! there will be a queue for a photo with the sign, this isn’t a must. We recommend standing at the side to take your photo rather than waiting in the boiling hot sun. You can still get a great shot. We then walked down the strip and stopped at the Harley Davidson Shop for some much needed air conditioning. You know it’s hot when you go to the bathroom just to lean on the cold tiles for a while! We all had huge cans of margarita’s and drank them outside the shop under the umbrellas. Which we only realised afterwards that we shouldn’t have done! Only on the strip can you drink alcohol in public…oops! We then ordered another Uber to the Wynn for Kayleigh’s birthday meal.
  • The Wynn is where we chose for Kayleigh’s birthday meal. The owner of this hotel Steve Wynn is a vegan and therefore all his restaurants have an extensive range of Vegan meals. Inside the Wynn is amazing with plants, flowers and trees and a really fresh smell. It is lovely to look around. We ate at Wazuzu where we had some cocktails to start. We also shared the veggie rolls, crunch rolls and spinach and mushroom dumplings to start. I had the sweet and sour chicken and Mike had the ramen. The food was delicious and we still speak about it today, it was so fresh and light. We were stuffed leaving and now it was time to really kick start the party.
  • High Roller was something we had been looking forward to and we booked the happy half hour. This is where you have an open bar for the half hour and my god did we make full use and get our money worth. We started with champagne from our bar man, Jeremy. TOP TIP! Although the drinks are free, make sure you tip your bartender at the start and they will take good care of you! We shared the pod with another couple that we chatted with throughout the journey. We then moved onto strong cocktails and just asked Jeremy to make us anything by the end. The views from all around were amazing and you could see the whole strip and mountains in the distance. The only thing about the happy half hour is you’re having a laugh with the bar man and others rather then looking at the views! The pods were air conditioned and full of information and facts about the view. This is a must do while in Vegas. By the time we got off here we were rather tipsy and now it was time to meet Jonathan.
  • The beginning of the End ..where it started to go down hill fast. We went to Sprinkles on the way to meeting Jonathan and were so happy to see that they even made vegan cupcakes! We choose one each and headed to the Beer Park in Paris to meet the rest of the gang. Once at the Beer Park we order our drinks that come in red plastic cups and eat our amazing cupcakes. The cupcakes were so soft and perfect sweetness. We devoured them to try and soak up the booze. We then met Jonathan and needed to head back to the Stratosphere to change. On our way we stopped at Planet Hollywood to get our tickets for Britney and of course the bar. They were doing birthday cake shots which we had several in honour of Kayleigh’s birthday.
  • Oxygen Bar pulled us in, must of been our drunk state. They said they could sober us all up making sure we last the night. We all had a go, we breathed in the oxygen, drank shots of energy and had a massage. All were amazing and we did feel a lot better leaving. Another good experience that we never had before. Next door was Fat Tuesdays so we all grabbed a slush cocktail.
  • Fremont Street is where we went for the rest of the night. We stopped in Frankie’s Tiki room first for a couple of cocktails. This place is a little off the strip and therefore cheaper and quieter. It was ok but didn’t have the same atmosphere as it was a bit quite. We then got an Uber to Fremont Street. It was about 2am when we decided to do the superman zip line at Slotzilla. We were surprised we were allowed on in our state. It was amazing to zip line on the roof of Fremont street. We had a blast! The rest of the night we spent gambling at Binnions and drinking. We made friends with some Americans, who taught us how to play craps! We got into bed at around 5.30am after an amazing night out!

Miles Walked: 7.08

Total Miles Walked: 36.34

Up Next: Museums and Britney!

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