Anniversary Celebration with Museums and Britney – Day 6

Date: 9th August 2017

  • The Morning After What a night! I think we went at it a little hard and forgot about the 9am tour at the Neon Lights Museum. It hurt to get up as we didn’t get in until 5.30am and we had drank way to much. Kayleigh was in no fit state this morning and spent the whole day in bed. Mike was also a little poorly this morning, but still managed to get up! We had the best night out!
  • Neon Graveyard We booked this months ago and it didn’t cost too much. It was really hot today and nearly hitting 40 degrees at 9am. When we went on the tour they offered umbrellas to shield from the sun. Please take them! It is a few degrees warmer in the graveyard because of all the concrete and metal. Mike nearly died walking off his hangover in that heat, at one point thinking he would have to be sick behind one of the neon lights. The museum is amazing and you get to see all the old neon signs of Vegas. The tour guide was really good and told us about the history of Vegas and the signs on show. When they are on the buildings on the strip you have no concept of how big they are. This is a must visit attraction!
  • Mob Museum We then went to the Mob Museum which was a cool little place to visit. It had lots of information and facts about the Mob. It was really interesting to learn the stories behind the people within the Mob and their families. We enjoyed walking around the museum, you could spend all day in here as they have so much to see and read up on. We went around rather quickly stopping when something caught our eye or was really interesting. If you only have time to do one of these I would opt for the Neon Graveyard.
  • Container Park We were really hungry by this point and it was now hitting 42 degrees. We needed food, shade and air conditioning. We walked to container park, if we were to come to Vegas again we would definitely check this place out in the evening. It is an area built with shipping containers, each housing a shop, bar or restaurant. It looked so unique. We had food in Cheffini’s which is a hot dog house. The hot dogs and sweet potato fries were amazing. TOP TIP! Don’t walk too far during the hottest part of the day. We decided stupidly that we could see the Stratosphere from Fremont Street and therefore it wasn’t “that far”. Big mistake, of course we can see the hotel it’s bloody massive! So we started our walk, half way back I thought I was going to die it got so hot. I thought I was burning and it didn’t help that people passing were commenting on my red shoulders. We had one road to cross before we were back and it took bloody ages. Lesson learned don’t walk in the Vegas heat.
  • On Top of the Stratosphere It was our last night in Vegas and as we were staying at the Stratosphere we got discount tickets to the top. The elevator was so quick it made your ears pop. The view from the top is amazing. You can really see how flat the land is. You can see the strip and a backdrop of mountains. The mountains almost looked photoshopped. This is a must!
  • Bellagio we stopped by here to take a little wander inside and see the gardens. This hotel is beautiful on the inside with all its different features. You can tell straight away that this is a top end hotel. The flowers on the inside were arranged into different objects and smelt amazing. We would love to stay here! On the way out we stopped via the fountains to see the show. It gets very crowded along the fountains at this time so get there early. The noise of the water falling is incredible and really shows how much water they are pumping through the fountain. Must see!
  • Britney Bitch! I had always wanted to see Britney live from a young age. She was the pop star I grew up loving. When we found out she was playing in the Planet Hollywood hotel we had to book tickets. I had been excited for months and the show did not disappoint. There was so much going on with the scenery, lights, dancers and fire. It was amazing to watch, everyone was up dancing and singing along to all the hit songs. At the end of the show and her big number ‘hit me baby’ some guy stormed the stage. Instantly security and dancers were protecting Britney while it took 5 bouncers to remove the guy. It was all very serious and the stage lights went off and theatre lights on, Britney was escorted off stage. The crowd went crazy and started booing the guy, we thought the show was over but 5 minutes later she was back to finish the song. Amazing experience.
  • The Eiffel Tower We has booked tickets for this earlier in the week but didn’t make it. We thought what better way to end the holiday than up the Tower. This should definitely be done at night, we had the most spectacular view of the Bellagio fountains and the strip. It did get busy because of the fountains but I believe this is the best view of them. It was then time to say goodbye Vegas! Without a doubt we will be back.

Miles Walked: 8.14

Total Miles: 44.48

Up Next: Goodbye Vegas Hello Disney!

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