Flight Vegas to Orlando and Check in at Walt Disney World – Day 7

Date: 10th August 2017

Travel Vegas to Orlando

The strangest flight I have ever been on, it was like a service bus where we stopped on the way to pick up more passengers. Very odd! It was around a 5 hour flight and we were excited to be visiting the happiest place on earth.

This time we are staying in All Star Sports Resort and checked in without any problem. We were staying in the hoops part of the hotel and the room was great. Just what we needed as we would be spending all our time at the parks. We got unpacked and went out to pick up our car.


We rented a car from the company on Disney Property. It was cheaper than from the airport. We were renting a car for just one day so we could go to the Space Centre. When we arrived we were asked if we had cases. We said no. We found out they had no cars left in the band we had payed for and were therefore upgraded to this beast.


The car was a convertible and of course we needed the roof down. We took it down for a while. When we put the roof back up we could not for the life of us get the back windows up. It took us ages to find the right button… Slightly embarrassing. We then drove out to Target to get water and snacks for the room.


While we were out at Target we went to Sweet Tomatoes for tea. So good! We will be coming back here next time we are in Orlando. You pay once for food and drink. It’s then a salad buffet, so many different types of salad, mac and cheese, lasagne and soups to choose from. The salad bar was the best I have ever seen with so much choice.

Dining Plan

We upgraded to the standard dining plan for $960. We enjoyed this plan the first time we visited, made eating and snacks so easy. We will keep a tally on how much we spend on food each day and whether we have made our money back!

Dining Plan Value: Two resort mugs for $17.99 each. $35.98 spent so far.

Miles Walked Today: 3.69

Miles Walked All Together: 48.17

Up Next: Kennedy Space Centre

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