Space Centre and Eating with the T-Rex – Day 8

Date: 11th August 2017


Kennedy Space Centre

We drove to the Kennedy Space Centre, it was a really easy drive basically on one straight road. We are so used to roundabouts and small country roads in the UK that America just seems so easy to drive. We just had to keep reminding ourselves that you can turn right on a red light if nothing was coming.

  • 3D films were good and worth a visit. They are full of interesting facts about our planet and the discoveries in space. I mean… who doesn’t like listening to Morgan Freeman or Jennifer Lawrence speak.
  • Bus Tour I would get this done early on in the day as the queues can become rather long. The bus tour was great and you got to drive out to see where the shuttles would take off from. We passed by a massive building that holds the rocket, this building is the tallest one story in the world and also has the biggest doors in the world. It was pretty impressive. We also saw the machines that would carry the shuttles to the launch site. It was such an interesting process. We learned that you have to sit miles back from blast off and that the noise so loud it can stop your heart!
  • Apollo/Saturn the bus drops you off here to explore the rockets. This is the first glimpse at a real rocket and the sheer size of it. This part of the tour is all about the race to land on the moon.


  • Space Experience is like a ride where you sit in a shuttle and the blast you off to space. You feel the pressure of the engines followed by the silence of floating through space. Its the closest we will ever get!
  • Rocket Garden was one of my favourite parts of the centre. I loved looking up at all the different rockets and looking at their similarities and differences. It gives you a sense of awe and wonder when walking through here… I just wish it wasn’t raining.
  • Legends and Heroes is a part which is dedicated to all those successful and unsuccessful missions. It was fitting memorial to all the brave astronauts.

Disney World

  • Disney Springs where we shopped! So sad that Disney Quest is no longer. We had a look in Uniqlo and bought a few Disney themes T-shirts. We also looked around the World of Disney and the Christmas shop.

Eating and Drinking

  • Orbit Café where we built our own salads by choosing a base, meat and other toppings. This was super fresh and tasty but like every meal in America we found the portion size was huge.
  • Space Dots which are little balls of ice cream. It reminds me of when I was really young and we would get them at Oakwood park in Pembrokeshire… If you know, you know! We got the cookies and cream flavour and it was delish!


  • Snack from Canteen in Resort we shared hummus and carrot sticks as our dinner reservation was rather late.
  • T-Rex Café we love this place! The theming is bang on with the sound and light effects. Loads of dinosaurs that move throughout your meal. The food is also good. We shared nachos to start which were huge. I had the New York Strip Steak with potatoes and veg. Mike had the boneyard buffet which chicken, spareribs, waffle fries and veg. Both meals were great and we skipped on the desert.
  • Goofy Candy Co where we ordered a Goofy Treat. Stage 1 you choose a base which can be crispy cake, pretzel, toffee apple. Step 2 you choose dark/milk/white chocolate to dip your treat in. Step 3 is where you choose your toppings such as chocolate chips, oreo crumbs or m&m’s. Stage 4 is where you drizzle dark/milk/white over the top. This counts as a snack credit and lasts me around 2/3 days as it is so sweet. Mike finishes his in one session! It’s another must when visiting Disneyworld!


Dining Plan Value: $87.44 spent today and $123.42 all together.

Miles Walked Today: 5.92

Miles Walked All Together:  54.09

Up Next: Star Wars Dessert Party


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