Star Wars Dessert Party – Day 9

Date: 12th August 2017


Extra Magical Hours – Animal Kingdom

We went straight to the dinosaur area as we didn’t really do this last time. It was our first time on the Dinosaur ride and I was so scared. It’s in the dark and there are a lot of moment that make you jump. If you take a look at the ride photos below you will be able to see how scared I am. It’s one of those rides that once you know where all the jumpy parts are it becomes a lot more enjoyable. We loved this new ride for us. We then went onto Primeval Whirl which is the roughest ride, it throws you about as it spins. We will not be doing that one again. Triceratops Spin is a classic and we loved it.

We then moved onto the safari before EMH finished. TOP TIP! try to always get onto the safari first thing as this is when the animals are more awake and active. The great thing about this ride is every time is different. A different driver makes it a new experience and so do the animals.

We then went over to Rafiki’s Planet by train and picked up a Wilderness Explorer Book to complete the challenges and collect the stickers throughout the park. This is a fun way for kids to learn about the animals and also how to keep the planet clean. At Rifiki’s Planet you get a chance to pet animals, watch them in the vets and also listen to the rainforest sounds.

We then moved onto seeing The Lion King Show which is amazing and must see! They involve the crowd and everyone is joining in with the songs. There are gymnastics, singing and dancing within the show. It is really high paced and fun for all the family.

Hollywood Stfile(17)udios

We caught the bus from AK to HS and as we were walking into the park we caught the storm troopers patrolling the main street. It had the music pumping in too.

Hollywood Studios has a lot of construction work with the new Toy Story and Star Wars Lands coming soon. That means that most of the attractions are shows and character meetings, making it hard to fit into the day. We stopped to watch the Indiana Jones ride but there was lightning in the area and was therefore cancelled. If there is lightning in the area all outdoor attractions will close!

While the storm was passing we did Toy Story Mania which is an amazing (indoor) ride. Absolutely love this ride and it gets so competitive. We walked through One Man’s Dream and read all about the history of Walt Disney. A new show, For the First Time in Forever, which was basically a sing along to the frozen soundtrack. It was fun.

Then it was onto my favourite ride The Tower of Terror. I love this ride for the adrenaline rush it gives you from the moment you are strapped in. It never fails to scare me.


Eating and Drinking

  • Yak and Yeti we shared a portion of hash brown bites and bottle of water.
  • Harambe Market had so many different choices of food and then you sit in the middle… in the shade. Mike had Tikka Masala Chicken served with rice and salad and a bottle of water. I had beef and lamb flatbread served with green papaya slaw and salad and a watermelon lemonade. Both were really nice and filling.
  • Hollywood and Vine is a buffet restaurant that you can also meet the main gang. The interaction with the characters was amazing and we liked that they spent the time with each table whether or not you had kids. The food was ok, not great and I don’t think we would come here again. We found Hollywood Studios hard to eat in as there is so much construction going on and therefore places are closed.
  • Star Wars Dessert Party was amazing and money well spent. For the price you get unlimited cakes and snacks and a bar. We definitely made our money on the bar where they were serving a variety of cocktails. Each were lovely and rather strong, we loved the tequila cocktail. The cakes were also nice and well themed such as Star Wars cupcakes and lightsaber fruit sticks. They also had a section where you could put Nutella in dry ice to freeze it. Highly recommended with strawberry sauce. Yummy!! TOP TIP! When it comes near to the fireworks time wait by the stairs as you will be escorted out to the viewing area by storm troopers. You get a free gift and an amazing view of the fireworks. We loved every minute of it.

Dining Plan Value: $143.66 spent today, $267.08 spent all together.

Miles Walked Today: 8.77

Miles Walked All Together: 62.86

Up Next: Dinner at the Beasts’ Castle

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