Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom – Day 10

Date: 13th August 2017

Extra Magical Hours at Hollywood Studios

Within the EMH we managed to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller and Tower of Terror. The park got really busy with very few attraction open and the last few days of The Great Movie Ride being open. We also saw the Beauty and the Beast Show which we always love watching. The music, dancing and costumes are great.


We then ran over to the Indiana Jones Show, that we missed yesterday due to weather. Another really good show with some amazing stunts, including fights and explosions. We found it really hard to complete everything in Hollywood Studios because there were so many shows. The shows were not timed very well which meant you were either running to catch the next or had loads of time to kill.

Magic Kingdom

We caught the bus over to Magic Kingdom, I don’t remember being able to do this last time we visited. This made it far easier to visit more than one park in a day.


The first ride we wanted to go on was Splash Mountain, we love this ride and it was really hot so what better ride to cool off! We got in the fast pass line and were near the front… then came the thunder and lightning which closed the ride. We were under cover and decided to wait it out. Over an hour later the ride was finally getting tested ready to open again.

We then went for the next mountain Big Thunder Mountain. This ride surprised me as I remember not liking it that much last time we visited. This time we loved it. We laughed all the way around as it is rather rough and has you moving about a lot. The queuing for this ride is long and hot. Recommend getting a fast pass! It was raining a little now so we ducked into Country Bear Jamboree which was a show wear bears (not real ones…obviously) danced and sang to the audience. It was a cute little show that made you smile.

Mickeys Philharmagic is something we have to do a few times as we love it so much. It is a 3D show where Donald Duck uses Mickey’s sorcerers hat. He visits different characters such as Aladdin and Ariel trying to get back to Mickey. It’s a fun show and a must see! Then we did all the classic rides that are a must no matter how old you are. It’s a small world, Prince Charming Carousel and Under the Sea.

After dinner and before we set out to get a spot for the fireworks we had a fast pass for Severn Dwarfs Mine Train. Amazing new ride, it is over a little quickly but is so much fun. It had us singing high ho!!! for the rest of the night. This is one of the rides where they film and take photos, so we recommend buying the memory maker to see these on the app. TOP TIP! Whenever there is a fast pass for this ride take it. The queue was over 2 hours every time we walked by.

Fantasy Parade

We stood in Fantasyland for the parade just outside County Bear Jamboree. This parade is fab and features all of the favourite characters and songs to match. I love the fact that when Beauty and the Beast goes past Tale as Old as Time plays. The end of the parade features Mickey and Minnie. A must watch! TOP TIP! Watch the parade from Fantasyland as it is quieter and you see it first saving time. Main Street can get very crowded.

Happily Ever After, Once Upon a Time and the Kiss Goodnight

We were devastated when we found out that Celebrate the Magic and Wishes had finished. We have watched it so many times on You Tube. We had high hopes for the new shows and were a little nervous that they would not live up to the expectation. Before coming on this trip we decided not to watch the new shows online. First was Happily Ever After the new fireworks show. WOW! It was amazing and so full of projections and fireworks. It features classic characters as well as Pixar with the best soundtrack. The projection onto the castle is out of this world and everything is timed perfectly. It also still includes what we like to call ‘The Big Button’ which is that massive finale firework. We loved wishes and were sad to see it leave but this new show is different and amazing.

Next was Once Upon a Time which again was spectacular. The projections were so much clearer than the older show. The castle was far more colourful and we liked how there was a story with Mrs Potts and Chip. There was a perfect balance between clips, songs and a few fireworks. The only part that we really missed from the previous show was when Walt came on and said those famous words ‘I only hope we don’t loose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse’.

We had read about the kiss goodnight and waited around for it after the shows. It happens around 30 minutes after the last projection show. It’s when the castle twinkles with lights and officially says goodnight to all the guests. It’s truly a magical experience and a must see.

Eating and Drinking

  • Mickey Pretzel and a fountain drink which counted as two snack credits. We had these while watching Beauty and the Beast.
  • Peco Bills Tall Tale Inn was a Mexican quick service. We loved the toppings bar which you could load your nachos with. We had nachos, fajita platter, water and a strawberry lemonade. Food was super tasty.
  • Be Our Guest at the Beast’s castle. One of my favourite places to eat, the theming is spot on with the ball room and the west wing. Mike had the French onion soup followed by steak with chips. He had a strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake to end. I had the mussels followed by the steak and chips. To end I had the lemon meringue cupcake. The food is lovely in here and I still can’t believe it is only 1 table service credit per person. This is a restaurant we will always put on the plan.
  • Food Hall at Resort we picked up some juice for the room.

Dining Plan Value: Spent $136.23 today, $403.31 all together.

Miles Walked Today: 6.66

Miles Walked All Together: 69.52

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