Universal Studios – Day 11


Date: 14th August 2017


Universal Studios

Today we went across to Universal Studios, we wanted to try it again. The last time we visited we were not that sure about the park and thought we had such a good experience with Disney that it could not match it. Last time we took the bus and it took forever, this time was far easier with the help of Uber! The Uber was quick and cheap, winner!

  • Rip Ride Rocket what a ride! It is super intense and not for the faint hearted, the worst part is going up at the start as you are at such an angle that you can nearly look upside down. You can choose your own soundtrack for the ride and at the end you are able to see the video of you on the ride with your tune of choice. Rather unique!
  • Jimmy Fallon Ride Through New York is Universal’s newest attraction. I usually turn a lovely shade of green on any simulation ride so I was nervous. This was different though as I didn’t feel ill and had a really good time. It is so clever and very fast paced. A must ride and one of the best simulation rides I’ve been on.
  • The Mummy a ride we get really scared about… a good kinda scared though, I still have to shut my eyes when all the beetles come! This is a rollercoaster under ground and is definitely one for thrill seekers.
  • Men in Black a classic ride and one we really enjoy. This is a shooting arcade kind of ride which we love. I won this time, much to Mike’s dismay!
  • E.T another classic ride, I love the fact that your actually on bikes with E.T in the basket at the front.
  • Animal Actors a show involving all kinds of animals including cats, dogs and pigs. This is a great show with so many tricks from the amazing animals and trainers. Stay around at the end to pet some of the animals that were on the stage! I had to drag Mike away!
  • Minions Ride we didn’t do this ride last time because the wait was around 3 hours, well nothing much had changed and we felt that we had to go on it. So we lined up for over an hour dreaming for air-con. This is a cool ride and great for the whole family, not sure I will queue up again mind. I find that once you have done the simulation ride once in a trip it’s kind of done.
  • Escape Gingots another new ride which was again amazing. The theming in the queue system was amazing and ride made you really feel apart of the film. It was great! TOP TIP! Queue in the single rider line if you aren’t fussed about sitting together, as we managed to dodge 2 hours in line.
  • Hogwarts Express which we rode over to Island of Adventure. Again another attraction which is themed with so much detail. The train ride is good with so many screens, the view of Hogwarts approaching being the best view.

We then rode Jurassic Park and the Hulk before heading for the exit to order an Uber. We caught the Uber straight over to Animal Kingdom. I can sleep on any mode of transportation and so had a good 20 min power nap.

Animal Kingdom

It was our first time experiencing this park at night and it was beautiful. Our first stop was to meet Safari Mickey and Minnie. What a pair of cuties! Great interaction here. We then made our way over to Pandora which was really lit up for the night. We had a fast pass for the Na’vi River Journey, we thought this ride was average and not worth the 3 hour wait in the standby line. In fact we decided to change our other fast pass of this ride. We then rode Expedition Everest in the dark, which I loved. It’s so strange I really didn’t like this ride the last time we came but this time it was one of my favourites. We also rode Kali River Rapids in the dark and got soaked. TOP TIP! You have to ride Kali River Rapids and Everest at night in the dark for a completely different experience as it is far more intense.

We then stayed for the Tree of Life Awakenings which brought the tree alive with projections. Very clever and so much detail that I could watch this show every night and spot something different. It was really nice how it showed off the detail the tree already had. We then went to watch River of Light which was amazing and really did have that underlying value that are world is beautiful and we need to keep it that way!

Eating and Drinking

  • Pretzel for breakfast from a stand within Universal Studios. Nutritious!
  • Cowfish for sushi and burgers. It was a really nice restaurant and the sushi was amazing. As a starter we shared a sushi platter of California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Nigiri (tuna, salmon, eel, yellowtail, shrimp). As main course Mike had the chicken avocado burger and I had the fusion speciality bento box (mini burger, sweet potato fries, The Boss sushi, Thai cucumber and edamame beans). We had a few cocktails to go with it. Food was so yummy!
  • Coldstone was an ice cream place we had to try, you make your own combination and they put it all on the cold stone to mix it together. We went for birthday cake ice cream with gummy bears and marshmallows.


  • Satu’il Canteen in Animal Kingdom was a new quick service and amazing. We liked how you could make your own box. Mike had chili spiced crispy tofu bowl served with quinoa salad and black bean sauce. He also had the speciality drink called pandorian sunrise which was good. I had the beef bowl served with rice and black bean sauce. We shared the blueberry pudding which was tasty and looked crazy. We will definitely be back here.
  • Food Court for snacks on the way back to the room. We were in desperate need for fruit and some juice in our lives.

Dining Plan Value: Spent $50.81 today, $454.12 all together.

Miles Walked Today: 11.02

Miles Walked All Together:  80.54

Up Next: Dinner with Mickey and the Gang!

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