Water Parks and Posh Meals – Day 13

Date: 16th August 2017


Blizzard Beach

First thing we do when we get to the water park is put loads of sun cream on! I can only use one sun cream that doesn’t give me heat rash and unfortunately it is not waterproof so I always wear a t-shirt and am very careful. Mike wanted to ride Summit Plummet first and I was no way going on that. It took ages and the queue for it was really long and hot. We got some amazing memory make shots of him, the slide is so quick and looks nearly vertical.

We then went in the Team Boat Springs which we shared with others. This was a tube ride and was quick around the corners and down the drops. We laughed all the way around. My favourite thing to do in the Water Parks is to go around the lazy river in a tube. The Disney lazy rivers are so long and themed really well, we spent a lot of time here. We then went down the Snow Stormers which I did not like. You go down face first on a mat and if your not on that mat straight you know about it. It was too fast for me and I couldn’t tell what was coming up next.

TOP TIP! Go to the water park either at opening and leave just after lunch or later on in the day. They get really busy in the middle of the day. Another good reason for this is the sun, it is hot queuing in the sun.

Magic Kingdom – Extra Magical Hours

It was rather late by the time we got from California Grill and into the park. We rode on Space Mountain which is so rough you feel like you actually may die. We also had another fast pass for Seven Dwarfs which was a completely different experience in the night.

We watched Happily Ever After and Once Upon a time again and they were still the best shows I have ever seen. After the shows and some memory maker shots in front of the castle we were into extra magical hours. We rode The People Mover, Buzz Lightyears Spin and Pirates of the Caribbean.


Eating and Drinking

  • Lottawatta Lodge for lunch. Mike had a chicken wrap and I had chicken strips and chips. Food was average, but we’ll let them off as it is a water park.
  • Snacks from resort where we had Mickey ice cream bars, grapes and juice.
  • California Grill which is a signature restaurant and takes 2 dining plan credits each. Mike had Sashimi (tuna, salmon, hamchi and octopus to start. As a main he went for the Colorado Bison Loin, grilled onions, baby turnips and crispy chips. For dessert he had a selection of cheeses. He really enjoyed all the food. I had cheesesteak flatbread to start. As main course I had Angus Filet on tomato risotto and garlic butter and finished off with vanilla chocolate cake. The food was lovely and service amazing as always. We were sat with a view over the lake which was really nice. We left discussing whether we would go back and decided that we probably wouldn’t. We didn’t think it was worth the 2 dining credits.

Dining Plan Value: $181.46 spent today, $797.04 all together.

Miles Walked Today: 3.85

Miles Walked All Together: 92.38

Up Next: Indian Food Overlooking the Savanna

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