Island of Adventure – Day 15

Date: 18th August 2017


Island of Adventure

We caught an Uber over to Universal Studios, so quick and easy and takes you door to door! We went straight for Kong which is another new ride for Universal. We went here first to beat the queue. We were one of the first on. It’s rather cool that your riding a truck with a driver, but we found the rest rather disappointing. If you were sat in the middle you found it hard to see which side you should be looking at. The queue was amazing though and the amount of detail that had gone into it. Next was the classic… Jurassic Park we absolutely love this ride and is the ultimate log flume. I love the theme music as you’re going in. A must do! Seems as we were already wet we next hit Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges and Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls. No lie you get absolutely drenched as if you had been swimming with your clothes on. The Barges are crazy and you get waves going over the top of the boat. TOP TIP! Bring spare clothes as they don’t dry in the humidity…at all, we walked around in wet clothes all day and it made us a little miserable. The Hulk is still really scary with the acceleration at the start. It’s an amazing ride and so smooth.

Spider-Man is another simulation that is really good, even though it does make me feel a little sick. We were then in the Harry Potter World and rode Dragon Challenge which I love. We got on the Hogwarts Express and then walked out of the park and caught an Uber back to Hollywood Studios. Yet again I had a much needed Uber nap.

Hollywood Studios

We watched the Muppet-Vision 3D which was really cool and had all your favourite characters in it. We also rode Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania. The theme of the Toy Story Ride and the queue is so good you actually feel like you are the size of a toy! The ride is also a lot of fun and we both love competition. We then ran over to catch Fantasmic, we were a little late and had a really bad view where you couldn’t see much. We guessed that because it was one show less due to the Star Wars Fireworks that everyone was there. We made a mental note to arrive early next time!

Food and Drink

  • Snack when we got into Universal where we shared a pretzel and water. Nutritious breakfast as usual!
  • Margaritaville for lunch where we shared the nachos and had some margaritas. The nachos were really tasty and had all the toppings you needed. However the drinks were really disappointing and just tasted of salt. We had to leave them behind.
  • Fairfax Faire in Hollywood Studios where we both had the Empanadas Platter with rice, beans and corn medley. This was tasty and filling.
  • Snacks while watching Fantasmic of popcorn and drinks.

Dining Plan Value: $51.79 spent today making it $961.38 all together. So we upgraded to dining plan for $960 and we have now made it back with 8 days left. Winning situation!

Miles walked Today: 9.02

Miles Walked All Together: 109.30

Up Next: Breakfast with Pooh Bear

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