Breakfast with Pooh Bear – Day 16

Date: 19th August 2017


Magic Kingdom

Today was boiling hot at 46 degrees we were sweating. We had a really busy day and wanted to hit three parks. TOP TIP! When reserving breakfast in the magic kingdom always choose a time before the park is open that way you can get some really good shots of the castle before the crowds. We waited around for the Let the Magic Begin Show which was great fun and gave me goosebumps during the countdown. This show features all your favourite characters with a little help from the Fairy Godmother!

We then went on some of the classics that you have to ride no matter how old such as Peter Pan, Pooh Bear, Seven Dwarfs and the Tea Cups.

We also managed to catch the Friendship Faire show which is in front of the castle. Another must see, even though it was so hot standing there. It was so warm that I started to feel a little sick and needed to drink a lot more water.

Typhoon Lagoon

The first ride we wanted to go on was Miss Mayday Falls which is new and was so cool. You didn’t have to walk up to the top as you get inside your boat at the bottom and then travel up a belt to the top before coming back down again. It was a really cool family raft ride. We rode the Crush n Gusher so many times, trying out the different slides. We love this slide as you can fit two people on the tubes and is so much fun. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in the lazy river soaking up the sun. It was so hot mind we thought we had definitely burned our skin….but managed to get away with it this time.

Hollywood Studios

We went here in the evening as we wanted to catch more of the shows. The Disney Pixar Music Live show was so good with a live orchestra and appearances from different characters. It’s a really cool show but does last 40 minutes. We then watched Disney Music Magic and Star Wars Fireworks both which were amazing.

Food and Drink

  • Crystal Palace was where we had breakfast with Pooh Bear and friends. The breakfast was alright, you clearly pay to see the characters here. The servers make sure you see them all before you leave which is really nice.
  • Gaston’s Tavern for a cinnamon bun and Le frou’s brew! Again!
  • Leaning Palms where we both had a burger and a drink. Food again was just ok …for a water park.

Dining Plan Value: Today we spent $137.92 making it $1099.30 all together

Miles Walked Today: 6.44

Miles Walked All Together: 106.72

Up Next: The most amazing brunch and steak

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