Volcano Bay – Day 18

Date: 21st August 2017


Volcano Bay

We were desperate to go to Volcano Bay, we love a water park day, especially when it feels like you’re living on the sun, it’s so hot and humid! The humidity of Orlando is something else. We of course got an Uber out to Volcano Bay which is part of the Universal Studios Complex. You can see most of it from the road which got me really excited. They do this really clever thing where you wear a band that is connected to all the rides. You tap your band to the ride and will buzz when it’s time to ride. This meant more lazy river time, so happy faces all round!

Oh no! this ride scared me so much as there is a drop at the bottom of the slide. The slide is enclosed as well, I was so scared. You hit the water so fast it goes up your nose and you have to try and work out if your bathers are still on. Awkward!

Trap Door Slide! Mike went on this and he said it was super intense. You stand in a tube where they then countdown before the trap door that you’re standing on opens. You then fall down a vertical slide. You had me at trap door, no way! It was another strange thing where they do weigh you before you ride most rides. Very odd, it isn’t shown at all so don’t know what happens if your over… Mike was tipping the scales at about 100kgs at the time and didn’t have any problem getting on things.

Honu which was a tube slide for four people, this was again rather intense. In particular when you bank the sides you feel like your going to fall. It was a lot of fun.

Krakatau broke down just as our strap buzzed. Gutted! We waited over an hour for it to start again. Well worth the wait, this is like a water coaster where you go up and down. It was lots of fun.

As always the winning thing for me was the fearless river, where you had to be in a tube as it is rather wild, but so much fun. I lost my strap here and had to go and get another one from guest services, not a big deal. Make sure you walk through the volcano, it looks so cool and there are lots of hidden surprises!

Hollywood Studios

We caught an Uber over to Hollywood Studios, hello Uber nap! We jumped over here to see The Little Mermaid Show and Fantasmic. Fantasmic is my favourite night show I think, it’s so good and has so much going on. We also had a much better view this time thank God.


We did a bit of shopping in Goofy Candy Company where we got rid of snack credits and used them for gifts for people back home. We also went to basin to get some bath bombs.

Food and Drinks

  • Feasting Frog where we shared tacos and nachos. They were very good for a water park!
  • Earl of Sandwich where we both ordered a sandwich, crisps and a drink. We love this place it’s a better version of Subway. Mike had a Christmas sandwich…in August. Weirdo.

Dining Plan Value: Today we spent $29.94 which makes our grand total $1427.22

Miles Walked Today: 4.94

Miles Walked All Together: 117.28

Up Next: Drinking Around the World

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  1. Looks like a fun day. Volcano Bay wasn’t open yet last time we stayed in Florida, but we tried one of those trap door slides on Carnival Legend. The ride on that ship was so fast and short that the door opens and you’re at the bottom just like that – so quick you don’t really even feel the ride.


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