Searching for Characters – Day 21

Date: 24th August 2017


Hollywood Studios

Todays mission was to see as many characters as possible that we had not already ticked off our list. We managed to get great interactions and photos of Minnie, Mickey, Olaf, Chewbacca, Groot, Star Lord and BB8. We managed to time it perfectly and not have to wait long to meet any of them!

Animal Kingdom

This was our last time in Animal Kingdom, so sad. So we had to ride our favourite rides which were dinosaur, Everest and Flight of Passage. We then just walked around and discussed the holiday… and the dangerous topic of where to go next! We started to get the ‘mickey blues’ (our term for holiday blues) which we get at the end of any holiday.

Food and Drink

  • Snacks we shared a cake pop and cookie in Hollywood Studios.
  • Pizzarizzo where we shared pizzas and salads. The food here is really good and portion size is massive.
  • Boma another place we love to go. This is a African food buffet. The foods and desserts are so good in this buffet. The hummus and breads are amazing and this is where you can get the famous zebra domes from.

Dining Plan Value: Today we spent $133 which makes our total $1729.88

Miles Walked Today: 7.87

Miles Walked All Together: 137.91

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